5 Stance Right Quick Move On from Love Clapping a Hand

5 Stance Right Quick Move On from Love Clapping a Hand

5 Stance Right Quick Move On from Love Clapping a Hand


5 Stance Right Quick Move On from Love Clapping a Hand

It's natural for humans to love and be loved. But sometimes we have to swallow the bitter love of one hand clapping. Now stay in solitude, undermined by prey. Sad and disappointed because a broken heart is okay, but you should not linger in this dark valley. There are a number of move on tips that you can do to be more rigorous through the cheering of one-handed clapping

Don't be sad for a broken heart, the effect is bad for health

Dropping out of love doesn't just hurt in the heart. Various studies have proven that heartbreak can cause real pain throughout the body. Even in a number of cases, physical pain from a broken heart can be very serious.

Gripping headaches, no appetite, insomnia, shortness of breath, and "panda" that you experience naturally after a broken heart can be scientifically proven. This series of heartbreak symptoms is actually an emotional stress reaction caused by decreased dopamine and oxytocin production, two happy hormones, which are then replaced by increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Researchers found that this condition was similar to the symptoms of drug addiction.

According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure can increase temporarily when you are hit by severe stress. If this happens continuously, stress due to unrequited love can eventually cause your heart to have a problem, the symptoms are almost the same as a heart attack, said Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, cardiologist and leader of Bethesda Memorial Hospital's Chest Pain /Heart Failure Center, was quoted from Healthline. The phenomenon of heart disease due to a broken heart is called Broken Heart Syndrome. This condition can cause short-term heart failure.

Aside from physical illness, depression can also erode your mind if you linger over your emotions and lament the sadness of one-sided love. Moreover, depression due to heartbreak often leads to suicide attempts in young children.

It's okay to give yourself time to grieve after accepting the fact that your love is rejected. But to be able to avoid all the negative consequences that might come from a broken heart, you must be determined to move firmly and forget about him.

Then, how can I quickly move on from unrequited love?

Move on from unrequited love is not always easy to do. Even so, there are still several ways you can try to meet a new life while forgetting that person. How do you do that?

1. Accept reality

Accept the harsh reality that your chance with him is over. Not that love is rejected because you are less charming or inappropriate for him. This unrequited love could be a signal from the universe to tell you he is not the right person to love, and love you. Try to remember the annoying things that he likes to do, such as lying or eating loudly. This will help you realize that he is not a perfect person so you will be easier to let go of him.

Remember that there are still lots of fish in the ocean waiting for you. Love that dies one, will grow another if you allow it. Take the time to remember what your strengths are and what your next life goals are. Know that the world is not over and there are still many others who love you for who you are.

2. Spread all your feelings

It's natural if you feel sad, angry, or disappointed after breaking up. Therefore, it's okay to cry, scream, or be angry. Sit in a quiet place, for example in the bedroom or bathroom, and spill out all of your raging feelings. If you have difficulty expressing feelings verbally, you can overflow writing a letter addressed to him, but don't send it . That way, you will feel free, and ultimately more relieved to accept the reality.

3. Decide all relationships on social media

You will be more difficult to move on if you keep watching the person's latest posts on your Instagram or Facebook page. Or worse, you might even be tempted to stalk all the movements of him (and possibly his new crush) on social media. This is a habit that is completely unhealthy, and in many cases, violates the privacy rights of others.

If you really want to forget him, immediately make a decision: whether you will vacuum for a while from cyberspace or if not, unfriend /unfollow or just block the ex from all your social media accounts. If necessary, block or delete the telephone number too. In addition, filtering your social media to only bring up positive news or images, so that you are more eager to live a day without his shadow.

Don't follow confusing accounts that will only prolong or frustrate your move on process.

4. Look for new activity

Many people often blame themselves when unrequited love. Remember that time cannot be played back. Nostalgia returning to the past only makes the heart more painful. Focus on the present and don't forget to make yourself happy.

Try to concern yourself with things you like, which you may or may not be able to do when he is still in your life. Know that the world is not over and there is still much you can do with or without him. Read books or watch films to enrich your horizons, list gym, and listen to positive motivations. Do this as soon as possible to avoid depressive thoughts haunting your mind. In this way, you will forget the feelings of sadness and disappointment that you feel.

5. Fall in love again!

Even though maybe your mind is still on your ex, try to start opening up to others even though you may not be fully prepared to try again to commit. It doesn't hurt to go out, join new communities, do new activities, and get acquainted with new people. Who knows, out there, you will be able to find a better heartbeat than the one who has now left.

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