5 Quick Pregnant Tips for Super Busy Career Women

5 Quick Pregnant Tips for Super Busy Career Women

5 Quick Pregnant Tips for Super Busy Career Women


5 Quick Pregnant Tips for Super Busy Career Women

Having a brilliant career might have been your dream since childhood. However, for infertile or hard-to-have women, your daily activities may make you have to struggle harder so you can get pregnant quickly. Take it easy, you can still work on some things, really. Here are tips on getting pregnant quickly for you, career women with fairly high flying hours.

1. Take time to have sex

The problem that many career women experience is not having enough time for themselves, especially for their partners. A woman who is married to a partner who may be as busy as possible is not likely to have enough quality time to have sex. After a day of working and returning home late at night, you and your partner who are both tired may choose to go to bed more often than having sex. Not to mention the unresolved workload can make your sexual desire decrease.

If you are targeting to have children in the near future, you must change this habit. Within a week, try to take time to have sex at least once. Try to finish the job before the weekend.

Use weekends as quality time for you and your partner to rest and of course have intimate relationships as they should. You can also set a time off for some time to re-increase sexual arousal that may have been declining.

In addition, the quick pregnancy tips you need to take note of are when you are alone with your partner, first turn off all electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, and televisions.

2. Maintain a healthy diet

You might have a myriad of ongoing activities. Unfortunately, this is often the reason for choosing fast food as a stomach booster. In fact, fast food is very minimal in nutrition, even at risk for health, especially foods containing trans fat.

Tips on getting pregnant fast this one you might have heard often, because it really becomes an important fact. Foods that are healthy and rich in nutrients are needed to increase the chances of conception. Foods that contain folic acid and vitamin B such as eggs, cereals, and others are good for increasing fertility.

Cereals and oatmeal can be a healthy and fast breakfast menu for those of you who are always chased time. Or if you are among those who like to bring bread for snacks during leisure time, choose wheat bread to maintain your blood sugar stability.

This is based on a study in the Netherlands that examined 165 couples who were trying to get pregnant. During the 6 months studied, it was found that when women have high blood sugar levels, the chances of pregnancy are reduced by 50 percent. Therefore, be smart in choosing food and snacks.

3. Sports

Sports always have health benefits, especially for fertility. For career women who are super busy doing sports it seems impossible. Eits, don't get me wrong. Sports do not have to always go to the gym and take hours, really.

You can still do sports on the sidelines, for example by climbing stairs instead of elevators. Or you can choose a meeting place or lunch that is close to the office, so it can be reached on foot rather than having to take a vehicle.

In addition, you can also practice short exercises such as running in place for 5 minutes when you wake up. In addition, doing plank in the morning after waking up for 30 seconds every day can also be an option.

4. Maintain ideal body weight

Having a body that is too thin or too fat both contributes to infertility. This condition can be characterized by irregular menstrual cycles or even you do not menstruate for some time which indicates the absence of ovulation in the uterus.

Therefore, no matter how busy you are, try to keep an eye on your nutritional intake and eating habits every day. Check how your ideal weight is on this BMI calculator.

5. Reducing consumption of caffeine

Tips on getting pregnant fast may be difficult to implement. Yes, you should limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks if you want fertility to be maintained. According to research at Harvard University, one to two glasses of alcoholic drinks or several cups of coffee and tea a day has little effect on ovulation problems.

Therefore, even though there are many jobs that keep you up, try not to consume caffeine too often. You can keep your eyes fresh by eating fruit or yogurt. A short walk or washing your face can also help get rid of drowsiness.

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