5 Problems in Genitals that Cannot Be Ignored

5 Problems in Genitals that Cannot Be Ignored

5 Problems in Genitals that Cannot Be Ignored


Problems with the genitals do make sexual activity so unpleasant. Problems with the genitals are also a sign that your body and the condition of your genitals are not fine. Some examples that can be realized might start from itching, pain during sex, and others.

However, there are some signs of genital problems that you shouldn't just ignore. When ignored it can be something bigger than you think, such as sexually transmitted diseases or other diseases that threaten the safety of your soul. Come on, see what should not be ignored when something happens to your genitals.

5 genital problems that must be treated immediately

1. Unusual vaginal discharge, or there is fluid coming out of the genitals

If your genitals suddenly come out a lumpy liquid, white, yellow and even green, and odorless, you should be vigilant. The problem is, there may be an excess fungal infection called candida, which is always present in the vagina or penis. The fungus will cause vaginal discharge or discharge from your genitals.

Stress, certain diseases, taking drugs such as antibiotics and steroids can sometimes be the cause of fungal infections in your genitals. In fact, fungal infections affect 3 out of 4 women who can infect their sexual partners. If this happens over a long period of time, you should contact your doctor immediately.

2. Frequent itching in the genitals

Not infrequently the area of ​​the genitals of each person likes to feel itchy. However, if the itchiness caused to cause inflammation of the skin can become your sex affected by irritation. This can be caused by an allergic reaction to something, for example your underwear with synthetic ingredients that are contrary to the skin. Other factors can also occur if you experience allergies to latex condoms, lubricants or creams that you apply to your genital area.

3. Hot feeling

You can feel the problem with this genitals when you urinate. Have you ever felt pain, pain or discomfort when urinating? If so, there could be a problem with your genitals. Usually this problem will occur more often in women where this condition is referred to as a urinary tract infection.

In this condition, bacteria enter the urethra and make urination painful. If the case has reached the alarming stage, sometimes it will be accompanied by a feeling of burning when you want to urinate.

4. Muscle cramps during intercourse

Has your genitals been pressed when you touched or tried to have sex? If so, you can show abnormal muscles in the genitals. Especially women, women can experience vaginismus, which causes forced spasms of the vaginal wall muscles and makes penetration painful.

Some experts say the cause of the seizure is not fully known and sometimes there are no identifiable causes. The most common reason for this condition is the past mental trauma, such as having been raped or experiencing anxiety during sexual intercourse.

5. Pain during sex

Nearly 22 percent of women and men experience genital problems called dyspareunia. Disparaeunia is known as a painful sexual condition. Dyspareunia is pain in the vagina or hip that is experienced during sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia is more common in women than men, but can be a barrier to genital sexual activity in both sexes.

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