5 Foods That Can Make Teeth Clean and Stronger

5 Foods That Can Make Teeth Clean and Stronger

5 Foods That Can Make Teeth Clean and Stronger


Many kinds of food for dental health that you can actually consume everyday. In fact, you don't need expensive food to get a strong, healthy and well-maintained tooth condition. What are these foods? See the explanation below.

Various kinds of food for dental health

1. Cheese

Research published in the Journal of General Dentistry in early 2015 reported that children aged 12-15 years who like to eat cheddar cheese will have lower acid levels in their mouth than those who do not like to eat cheese. After they eat cheese, they will drink water, it's like rinsing.

Well, the acid level at their mouth level before and after drinking water is measured. About 10-30 minutes after drinking, in fact the acid level in the mouth will decrease and can neutralize acidic dental plaque. That way, just by eating cheese, you can help maintain health and care for your teeth indirectly.

2. Raisins

One type of food for dental health on this one, in addition to being healthy, in fact it is easy to find. Yes, raisins, made from selected grapes dried without the sugar content of sucrose in them. Why good? Because, foods that contain sugar, can help bacteria stick to the enamel surface of the tooth. In addition, raisins are one of the food sources of phytochemicals that are effective in killing bacteria that will cause plaques and holes in the teeth.

3. Fresh fruits or vegetables that are easy to chew

Did you know that chewing can clean teeth? Yes, a study states, chewing in fact can sweep the plaque of the tooth that sticks because of the movement that makes the entire oral cavity and teeth move. In addition, chewing is said to be a movement to clean your teeth from foods that are tucked away or left between teeth and gums. Examples of good fruits and vegetables to chew include raw carrots, cucumbers, and apples.

4. Calcium-rich foods

According to the American Dental Association, teeth are a member of the body made of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, almost the same as the content in the bones in the body. Well, to strengthen teeth, you can get them from calcium-rich foods or drinks. For example, there are cheese, almonds, green vegetables, and even low-fat milk.

If you want to strengthen your teeth, avoid acidic foods and drinks that can cause lesions or small holes in your teeth. Besides being good for teeth, high calcium foods and drinks are also good for strong jaw bones.

5. Cranberry fruit

The Journal of Caries Research states that cranberries contain polyphenols which are good for preventing plaque in human teeth. In addition, food for the health of one's teeth can also reduce the risk of cavities if consumed at the right dose. Per day, it is recommended to consume 40-50 grams of cranberries.

Something must be considered. Because cranberries taste very sour, don't eat this fruit with added sugar. This of course will reduce the effectiveness of cranberries as a food for dental health.

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