5 Exclusive ways to give exclusive breastfeeding even though you work

5 Exclusive ways to give exclusive breastfeeding even though you work

5 Exclusive ways to give exclusive breastfeeding even though you work


5 Exclusive ways to give exclusive breastfeeding even though you work

Experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding given for the first 6 months of life, after which breastfeeding is continued for up to 2 years (accompanied by complementary breastfeeding from the age of 6 months). However, working mothers usually experience several obstacles in giving exclusive breastfeeding, including limited maternity leave (generally only 3 months) and a work environment that does not support exclusive breastfeeding. But with good knowledge and preparation, working mothers can also give exclusive breastfeeding.

What needs to be prepared to give exclusive breastfeeding while working

1. Learn to milk ASI

Mothers can milk the milk by hand, manually breast milk pumps, or electric breast milk pumps. Manual and electric breast milk pumps are quite easy to use, especially since the instructions for use are also available. But if there is none, milking the milk by hand is no less practical. Here are the steps:

  • Wash both hands before milking the milk
  • Prepare a container to hold milk, place it under the breast
  • Place your fingers in the breast, thumb at the top of the areola and the other finger under the areola
  • Make a sorting move towards the nipple until the milk comes out
  • Hold ASI in a prepared container
  • Slide the finger position in a clockwise direction while continuing to blush
  • If you want to milk both breasts, take turns every 3-5 minutes until both breasts feel empty.

If it is difficult to milk the milk with a hand, a manual ASI pump or an electric breast milk pump can be the choice of working mothers because it can empty the milk in the breast faster. Currently there can be various models of ASI pumps. Choose the most convenient and suitable breast milk method for you.

2. Learn to save milk (ASIP)

Besides learning to milk the ASI, another important thing you learn is how to store ASIP properly. The wrong way to store ASIP will damage the quality of ASIP and your struggle to collect ASIP can be in vain. Store ASIP in a safe container, attach the label and write down the milking date on the label. If you keep the ASIP for a while in a shared facility in the office, don't forget to write down the name of your child on the label so that it is not confused.

Check the following old storage guide:

  • Deep freezer (-20 ° C): 6-12 months
  • Freezers in 2-door refrigerators (-18 ° C): 3-6 months
  • Freezers in 1-door refrigerators (-15 ° C): 2 weeks
  • Refrigerator (4 ° C): 5 days
  • Insulated cooler bag with ice packs: 24 hours
  • Room with temperature
  • Room with temperature & gt; 25 ° C: 1 hour

The position of ASIP storage in the refrigerator /freezer also needs to be adjusted so that your baby always drinks a longer ASIP stock first. From the table above it can be concluded, if there is no refrigerator /freezer facility for storing ASIP in the office, working mothers can still store ASIP safely in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs.

3. Learn how to use dairy milk

ASIP stored in the freezer can be lowered into the refrigerator the night before use. When you want to use, remove the ASIP container from the refrigerator and warm it by flowing warm water into the wall of the ASIP container or soaking it in warm water. Do not heat ASIP with a microwave /stove because it can damage the antibodies contained in ASIP. Beat ASIP before giving it to the baby. ASIP which is not used up in one consumption must be discarded, cannot be used again.

4. Exercise giving breast milk from a bottle

Try to build a routine breastfeeding schedule since the baby is born, for example, every 3 hours or 4 hours. Perform the process of pumping and storing ASIP long before you start working, along with the direct breastfeeding process (one breast gives direct breast milk, one breast is pumped). Two weeks before the mother works, teach the baby and caregivers (who will be left to look after the baby while the mother is working) to give ASIP at the hours where you will work. Give ASIP with a glass, avoid giving ASIP with a bottle because it will make the baby confused. These things will make it easier for babies to consume ASIP when you return to work.

5. Support from work environment

The right of mothers to breastfeed and the right of children to get ASI are protected by law. Discuss your needs to meet the needs of breastfeeding children for superiors and coworkers, such as your need to pump breast milk every 3-4 hours, the need for an adequate privacy area where you pump breast milk, find information on whether there is a daycare center in the office, and ensure there are facilities to store ASIP in the office. The success of exclusive breastfeeding indirectly also benefits the company because children who get exclusive breastfeeding are less likely to get sick, so that working mothers will also be absent less often.


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