4 ways to stop yawning in an important situation

4 ways to stop yawning in an important situation

4 ways to stop yawning in an important situation



Yawning is a normal thing and everyone has done this. According to some experts, yawning can be a sign that you are drowsy, tired, or bored. Then, what if you are in the middle of an important meeting, and you keep yawning? Of course you don't want to be labeled a bad employee, right? See the following article to find out how to stop yawning.

Why are we yawning?

When yawning, the body will usually automatically stretch or stick with watery eyes and sighs. Yawning is a natural response that generally occurs when you are tired, sleepy, or bored.

According to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, yawning is caused by brain overheating. When yawning, you will stretch the jaw so strongly that it can increase blood flow to the neck, face and head. Well, this can help expel the heat in the brain and cool the area. Someone will generally be more volatile when the air is cold compared to when it's hot.

Even though it's fairly normal, you should be careful if you often yawn excessively. Because excessive yawning can be a sign that you have a certain medical condition or disease, such as a sleep disorder, vasovagal syncope (fainting easily), to a serious heart condition.

It's good if you often yawn but don't feel drowsy, tired, or bored, immediately consult a doctor. Only your doctor can determine whether the excessive yawning that you feel is a sign of a medical problem or not.

How do you stop yawning?

yawning does not bring great danger, but of course this can disrupt your activities while at work, campus or school. Here's how to stop yawning when you are in important places.

1. Deep breathing

According to research, humans get the urge to yawn when the brain is too hot. Deep breathing from the nose and removing it slowly through the mouth is a great way to help cool your brain. This is the easiest way to stop yawning.

2. Drink water

When you are dehydrated, you will be more prone to fatigue which leads to drowsiness. Drinking a glass of water is the best way for your body to be protected while fighting drowsiness. So, if you are going to a meeting, study in class, or do another important activity, consider bringing drinks if allowed. Bringing a bottle of water can help you stop yawning in case this happens.

3. Stretch

If you feel anxious when yawning, this might be a signal from your body to tell you to move. You don't need to stretch hard. The reason is that there are plenty of light and easy stretches that are enough to do in an office chair to just relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

4. Look for fresh air

Spending a long time in the same place, like at a computer, is a boring thing that makes you vulnerable to drowsiness. To overcome this, try to go outdoors for a few minutes to stimulate your body with fresh air.

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