4 Ways to Overcome Stress Due to Difficulties Finding Work

4 Ways to Overcome Stress Due to Difficulties Finding Work

4 Ways to Overcome Stress Due to Difficulties Finding Work


Generally, new graduates or fresh graduates are competing to complete their education, in order to obtain a degree and look for work that suits their interests and talents. But unfortunately, reality is not as easy as your shadow.

In fact, there are still many people who don't have jobs, aka unemployed. Based on the results of the 2016 Ministry of Manpower's records, there are around seven million people in Indonesia who are still unemployed. No doubt, this can lead to mental health of the people who are still trying to find work.

Examples of mental health problems caused by unemployment are stress and depression. If this is left alone, not infrequently people who experience stress and depression can lead to suicide.

Don't worry, you can prevent and overcome it, really. What are some things you can do to manage stress when looking for work? Consider the following three important things.

How to deal with stress seeking work

1. Don't shut yourself up at home

One way to deal with stress seeking work is to explore yourself as much as possible. Indeed, the feeling of inferiority when not getting a job will affect you to be lazy and reluctant to leave home.

Even though this is wrong. Instead, you are encouraged to interact more with socializing with the community or other things out there. You can do it too and get many benefits in the following ways.

Take a skill course

By taking courses or self-training in certain fields, you are expected to be able to build and explore your abilities. Later when you want to apply for a job again, you are ready to compete and work. Taking courses will also expand the network and you will gain a lot of experience.

Become a volunteer

By volunteering or volunteering for an event, it can increase your sense of happiness and love for each other in you. The bonus is that you become a volunteer can improve relationship connections while adding experience in your curriculum vitae.

2. Set the financial plan while unemployed

Who is not worried about financial problems when there is still no source of livelihood. This is generally a source of stress and depression problems in people who are looking for work.

Instead of you being upset and not producing anything, it's a good idea to start managing your financial plan.

Write down and write down the costs you will worry about. Take the time to make a budget. Starting from the cost of looking for a job, daily eating needs, to the clothes you will buy when you want to apply for a job.

That way, you will not be suddenly shocked and stressed when the money in your savings is really tight. This can also be a motivation or stumbling block for you to find a job realistically.

3. Self reflection while looking for other activities

You also need to do self-reflection on the sidelines looking for work. Self reflection or reflection on yourself can be one of the things that can prevent stress from looking for work. Because, you also become more focused on finding a solution, not focusing on looking for who can be blamed.

Therefore you have to look at your process of looking for work again. For example, make sure you don't make mistakes in writing on CVs, apply to companies that are not your area of ​​expertise, or even make mistakes when conducting job interviews.

While introspecting yourself, you can also rest yourself by doing what you like. Try starting from small things, for example cleaning the room, gardening, or wrestling with hobbies that you have. That can keep you from the stress of looking for work.

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