4 Tips to Familiarize Children to Be Healthy Drinks

4 Tips to Familiarize Children to Be Healthy Drinks

4 Tips to Familiarize Children to Be Healthy Drinks


4 Tips to Familiarize Children to Be Healthy Drinks

If all this time food is said to have an important contribution to the growth and development of children, don't forget about choosing the right drink. Yes, maybe because you are too focused on arranging food choices, you are putting aside the choice of healthy drinks for children. Come on, start teaching your child to choose his favorite drink, but within certain limits!

Familiarize healthy drinks for children

You may intend to maintain an ideal body weight for children by sorting out the daily food types. Unfortunately, this business is considered not optimal if it is not accompanied by choosing the right drink. Because, everything your child consumes - whether food or drink - has a similar role in determining how many calories enter the body.

So if the food has been restricted but the child still drinks sweet iced tea, packaged drinks that are high in sugar, or careless ice snacks, the impact on the baby's body is still not good.

Now, apply some of these methods to help determine your favorite drink that is not only good, but also healthy for the body:

1. Make water as the main drink

Nearly 70 percent of the human body consists of water. That is why water has such a big task in the body, including maintaining body temperature, removing substances that are no longer needed, to help work the organs of the body. So, try to teach your child to get used to drinking water as early as possible.

Initially he might refuse and prefer a drink that is flavorful to quench thirst. However, do not be quick to despair, you can start slowly by introducing various benefits of water that will arouse interest in drinking. Next, give water every time he thirsts.

2. Ask what you usually drink at school

As a parent, you may not always be by your son or daughter every day. There are times when a child will determine what drink he chooses himself, for example during snacks at school. That is why, ask the child to tell what snacks or snacks he has consumed all day.

Avoid asking intonations that seem to be limiting the child's actions. Preferably, start asking about his activities while at school today, what he experienced, until then just ask questions about what foods and drinks he consumes.

Whatever the answer, try to appreciate its honesty. However, still explain about the choice of healthy drinks for children that he can consume.

3. Be strict to say "no"

Many soft drinks on the market that are high in sugar and calories are actually not good for long-term children's health. For example soft drinks, fruit juices that have been added to sugar, drinks with caffeine, and so on.

It feels good, but the nutrients produced from these drinks may not taste good. In fact, it can actually cause damage to children's teeth.

So, if a child whines for an unhealthy drink, the parent must firmly refuse. Better to provide healthier alternatives. For example, children ask for soft drinks, invite children to make their own infused water at home with fresh pieces of lemon and strawberries.

4. Give a good example

During its development, children tend to imitate the behavior of those around them. Including your drinking habits and everyday family members. So, before actually teaching your child to drink healthy drinks, you should start by changing your drink choices.

What must be considered when guiding children to drink healthy drinks

Aside from being useful to support the health of his body, getting used to the consumption of children's healthy drinks will also help him in determining what can be consumed and what should be avoided. In other words, this helps to pay more attention to the health of his body.

You can start this activity slowly in the most fun way for children. The goal is that children do not feel burdened and so refuse to choose healthy drinks. Of course you want your child to understand and live what you teach happily, right?

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