4 Tips for Staying Comfortable and Smoothly Breastfeeding During Homecoming

4 Tips for Staying Comfortable and Smoothly Breastfeeding During Homecoming

4 Tips for Staying Comfortable and Smoothly Breastfeeding During Homecoming


4 Tips for Staying Comfortable and Smoothly Breastfeeding During Homecoming

Homecoming is a tradition of returning to their respective hometowns to welcome the Eid holiday. Homecoming carried out at the time of fasting before Eid is indeed a challenge, especially for nursing mothers. Are there tips for mothers to breastfeed during a safe and comfortable homecoming?

Can you breastfeed when going home?

It's okay, but this all depends on your ability and the baby. Do not go back and forth which takes a long time in the vehicle (depending on what vehicle you are riding) which can actually have a negative impact on your health and also hinder your breastfeeding process.

This means that if the mother is breastfeeding during homecoming, the mother must pay close attention to comfort while breastfeeding, her food intake so that the milk production is not interrupted, to prepare backup breast milk.

You may have to consider the age of your baby before deciding to go home. The age of a baby who is still young and still needs to be given exclusive breastfeeding has different needs from a baby who is one year old and can already be invited back and eat food other than breast milk.

Tips for mothers to breastfeed when going home to be safe and comfortable

1. Plan several stops

The first tip for nursing mothers when going home is to plan several stops on the road. That way, you can be more comfortable to breastfeed your little one. Also try pumping breast milk when it stops, so that you have breast milk for your little one.

If your baby is under 6 months old, he will suckle more often because breast milk is still the main food for him.

Breastmilk is sufficient to provide enough hydration so that no additional water or liquid is needed. Then make sure you give enough milk to your baby during the trip back and forth.

2. Arrange for breastfeeding during takeoff and landing

Usually, the transition when the plane lands and takes off will cause a feeling of uncomfortable pressure on the baby's ear. As a result, babies become easy to fuss, cry, or even kick and stretch until they make other people disturbed.

You can try feeding your baby while landing and taking off to reduce discomfort in the baby's ears.

3. Pump breast milk if needed

Mothers breastfeeding during homecoming are also advised to pump their milk, just in case the breastfeeding process is directly impossible.

Make sure you bring ASI pumping equipment such as a pump with battery power (so you don't get tired of pumping manually breast milk), bottles for storing breast milk, and even tools for cleaning breast milk bottles (clean water and special soap).

In addition, you also have to estimate how much milk you have to pump by considering how long your trip will take. You can also overload a few bottles of ASI in case there is a delay in arriving at your destination back and forth.

If you drive by plane, you need to report to the airport clerk that you are carrying breastmilk into the cabin. Basically, you are not allowed to bring fluids into the cabin.

But for breast milk, you can get an exception as long as you report to airport officials and let them check your breast milk carefully. Breast milk can still be safely consumed after undergoing X-ray examination.

4. Wear comfortable clothes when going home

Mothers nursing when going home should wear clothes that are comfortable to wear. You can use a special breastfeeding bra, so that you hold the liquid from the milk so that it doesn't come out suddenly and make your shirt wet.

Bra specifically for breastfeeding mothers also makes it easier for mothers to take off their clothes and breastfeed babies, because nursing bras have a special section, around the nipple that can be opened directly when the baby is about to breastfeed.

Don't forget too, wear buttoned clothes on the front with cool material so as not to cause irritation if you sweat when going home. You can also bring a small pillow, so that the breastfeeding position when going home is more comfortable.

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