4 Steps Properly Eliminate Red Hump Former Mosquito Bites

4 Steps Properly Eliminate Red Hump Former Mosquito Bites

4 Steps Properly Eliminate Red Hump Former Mosquito Bites


Itchy from being bitten by mosquitoes it really sucks. Not to mention the appearance of the hump is very disturbing appearance. So, is there a way to get rid of mosquito bites that seem to interfere with this view?

Why can a red bump arise after being bitten by a mosquito?

4 Steps Properly Eliminate Red Hump Former Mosquito Bites

Not many know that those who like to bite humans are only female mosquitoes. Nutrition in our blood is a good food for future children.

Now after stabbing the skin with the tip of the sharp snout, the mosquito will release saliva to keep the blood from quickly clumping so it is easier to suck. The mosquito saliva contains foreign enzymes and proteins that are considered harmful by our body. In an effort to eradicate the foreign substance, the immune system will produce large amounts of histamine.

Excess histamine levels in the body will increase blood flow and the number of white blood cells around the area of ​​mosquito bites. The result causes inflammation and swelling of the skin, typical of mosquito bite bumps.

How do you get rid of mosquito bites?

4 Steps Properly Eliminate Red Hump Former Mosquito Bites

Spots or red bumps on the skin after being bitten by a mosquito are a natural reaction. Unfortunately, the itching can sometimes be very annoying, which eventually makes you constantly scratch it.

In fact, scratching the skin that has been hit by a mosquito bite can actually make it more itchy and cause difficult wounds to disappear. Especially if you have sensitive skin.

But don't worry! Follow the steps below to eliminate mosquito bites quickly:

1. Wash with water and soap

As soon as a bump has been bitten by a mosquito, wash the red bump area with soap and warm water. You can also apply cold compresses (put some ice cubes into plastic and wrap them with a thin towel) on your skin to help relieve the itching.

You can also use painkillers, antihistamines, or anti-itch creams that are sold freely to relieve the itching. The faster you treat the bite marks, the less likely the scars appear and are easier to remove.

2. Apply with oil or vitamin E cream

Afterwards, continue by applying oil or cream containing vitamin E at least twice a day. Vitamin E can reduce redness while accelerating healing of skin irritation.

If you don't have vitamin E cream at home, you can use honey. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of honey can also help heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection. Do not leave the honey too long on the skin. After feeling long enough, immediately rinse thoroughly.

Another alternative is to routinely apply aloe vera gel that has been shown to reduce inflammation, soothe itchy skin, and speed healing.

3. Use a fruit mask

If not treated properly, mosquito bites can darken like acne scars. You can help prevent skin discoloration in mosquito bites by using natural masks from tomatoes, lemons, or finely ground papaya. The content of these fruits is believed to brighten the skin. Choose only one fruit, and apply the mask twice a day for about 10 minutes.

4. Use the cream from the doctor

If the bite size is large enough, causing a wound, causing a slight skin color change that is quite contrasting, or not being treated with the home methods above, the doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid cream or retinoid to remove mosquito bites on your skin. /p>

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