4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky


It is not uncommon for one party to sulk and silence the other while fighting. If you are currently being ignored by him, what do you do? Just turn aside to ignore it or even become thoughtful and feel awry - "Is he hurt because I offended him?". If the couple sulk, don't keep being let alone let alone ignored. Cranky actually includes passive aggressive behavior, which over time can have a negative impact on your relationship.

The right way to deal with couples is sulking

Being left alone by your partner feels really bad and makes you wrong. Now you should lower your ego a little and slowly approach your partner with various ways to tell this, so that your relationship is both intimate again.

1. Find out what causes couples to sulk

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

People who are sulking are confusing. It's hard to know what he really wants because he is on a talking strike. But even though it's very likely he will still be cranky with you, it never hurts to try to find out what caused it.

There may be your behavior or words that make your partner angry, but he can't express it. Maybe he sulked as a way to harbor his emotions so as not to hurt you. Alternatively, he feels that you cannot understand his desires, but he cannot be angry and even silences you until you realize your mistake.

By continuing to try to start a conversation with him, you show him that you care and want to improve this difficult relationship. Be patient when you try to find out the root cause of the cranking.

2. Give your partner time alone

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

If after asking carefully and he is still "still cool", you should just give up first and give him time to be temporarily alone. Try to check the news again a few hours later or another day, rather than continuing to force, which can eventually continue to the second session of contention.

3. Keep showing care for your partner

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

Turning aside to mate is not a good peace strategy. It is precisely when one party is sulking, the other must keep trying to keep communication going between the two.

Communication is not only always in the form of speech. Show with attitudes and behaviors that you are still caring and caring about them during joy and sorrow. For example, by secretly tucking the umbrella in his briefcase before he leaves for work once you know the weather that day will be bad. Or, send his favorite food to the office when you know he has successfully passed the project.

Like a rock that will slowly disintegrate when it continues to be washed in water, the couple's stubbornness also slowly subsides when it is flooded with your love and care.

4. Ask to talk again when your partner's emotions have started to stabilize

4 Smart Tricks for Facing Couples Who Are Cranky

After his emotions have stabilized and he can be talked to, try to invite him to talk again well. Ask again what made him cranky.

Let your partner know that you will be happy if he is open with you about what he feels. Explain that he does not need to be afraid of your reaction, and that you will try to accept and be together in whatever problems are being faced. If indeed you are the one who is wrong, be encouraged to sincerely apologize to him.

Also tell your partner how you should both face problems so that this doesn't happen again in the future so that your relationship gets better.

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