4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up


4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

Sahur hours that are far earlier than waking hours, most people make late sahur incidents a common occurrence in Ramadan. Especially for those of you who live alone, who may lack motivation to cook their own complete and nutritious meal menu.

The important thing to know is that, at dawn, you should eat food that is digested for a long time in your stomach, because sahur is the last time you eat before breaking fast arrives. We recommend that you use it well during this dawn, to make you strong to run fast and prevent your stomach from getting hungry quickly.

Benefits of eating sahur

Starting fasting with sahur in the morning is very important for the fasting of fasting. Some of the reasons that make sahur very important to do are:

  • Sahur provides the body's strength and endurance to undergo fasting. Sahur is the body's first energy source for fasting. Sahur makes fasting easier to live.
  • Sahur can prevent the body from feeling weak and dizzy during fasting, by regulating blood sugar levels. You are advised to choose foods that contain a low glycemic index for the sahur menu.
  • Sahur reduces thirst during fasting.
  • Sahur can meet the nutritional needs of the body, when you eat a varied and nutritious balanced diet.

Waking up late? Try the following quick sahur menu

Getting up very early in the morning may be a problem for some people. Not infrequently many people are late waking up at dawn and finally only have very little dawn. As a result, they only eat food that is available, especially instant ones, such as instant noodles, or even only have time to drink water or sweet tea. Too often eating the sahur menu like that might not be good for the body. The stomach will get hungry quickly because there is not much energy stored during fasting, and also you will quickly feel weak.

The following are various menus that can be made easily and quickly as an option for your Sahur menu.

1. Wheat bread with eggs

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

The first sahur menu that you can make easily and quickly is whole wheat bread with eggs. One catch of bread added with eggs (omelet, fried egg or scrambled egg) can already be a complete dish for your meal.

Wheat bread contains complex carbohydrates that can help you to feel hungry longer because complex carbohydrates help the body release energy longer. Wheat bread has a low glycemic index that will be digested and absorbed by the body longer so that the release of energy lasts longer.

The low glycemic index also makes the increase in blood sugar carried out gradually so that blood sugar remains stable, does not rapidly drop or rise dramatically. This helps the body not get weak quickly. Coupled with eggs containing protein, this menu of whole wheat bread with eggs has become your nutritious sahur menu. Besides being easy and fast to make, this sahur menu also contains nutrients that can make you fast through enough energy.

2. Cereal with milk

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

Another sahur menu is cereal with milk. Although it seems very simple, this menu also contains fairly complete nutrition. Cereals are also complex carbohydrates that help your stomach not empty quickly because the nutrients are digested and absorbed longer, helping you to feel full longer. With the addition of milk that contains a lot of protein, this menu is enough to make your sahur nutritious. In addition to protein, milk also contains carbohydrates, although only slightly.

3. Oatmeal with fruits and milk

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

Besides wheat bread and cereals, oats are also one of the complex carbohydrates. The addition of fruits and milk makes this oat taste much better. Fruits also contain carbohydrates that are good for the body. This carbohydrate is able to provide a lot of energy for the body to carry out activities.

Besides carbohydrates, fruits also contain lots of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Coupled with milk containing protein, this menu already contains complete nutrients. Carbohydrates from oats and fruits, proteins from milk, and vitamins and minerals from fruits. This menu can meet your nutritional needs and make you strong during fasting.

4. Fruits with yogurt and oats /cereal

4 Ideas for Quick Sahur Menu If It's Late to Wake Up

Another menu that is also easy and fast made to eat at dawn is fruits that are added with yogurt and oats. Choose fruits that are rich in fiber, such as apples, bananas, berries, and other fibrous fruits. Fiber in these fruits makes you not hungry fast while undergoing fasting because fiber is digested longer in the stomach so that the stomach does not quickly empty.

Besides containing carbohydrates, fruits also contain vitamins and minerals that are very useful for the body. Yogurt here serves as a protein source so that your menu is more nutritious. You can also add a little oat /cereal to make it taste better and give a crispy texture to your food.

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