4 Bad Habits When Stress Is Even Making Conditions Worse

4 Bad Habits When Stress Is Even Making Conditions Worse

4 Bad Habits When Stress Is Even Making Conditions Worse


4 Bad Habits When Stress Is Even Making Conditions Worse

Have you ever felt stressed? If you answer yes, of course you are not alone. Everyone has reasons to feel stressed. Either because of work, family, or financial matters. Therefore, stop doing a variety of bad habits during stress that will worsen your situation and focus on things that you can improve. Indeed, in theory it sounds easy, while in practice it is certainly difficult.

However, if you continue to get used to it, you will be able to manage stress better. So first, recognize what bad habits when stress that you need to leave as soon as possible.

What are the bad habits when you don't do stress?

1. Can only contemplate

Pondering is a bad habit of stress that you may often do. It's natural if you think about the problem you are facing right now. Reflection should aim to understand the situation you are facing more deeply.

However, sometimes you are actually trapped in thoughts that are actually negative and even unproductive. You continue to reflect on the problems that occur and continue to think negatively, when you are caught in a situation like this, you can only focus on what's wrong compared to what you can do to fix or resolve this problem. So remember, brooding is permissible, but determine the limits. No need to reflect until it drags on.

2. Sleep deprivation

Thinking about problems sometimes makes it difficult for you to sleep. In fact, lack of sleep actually only worsens your condition both physically and psychologically. You just keep feeling depressed all night. This bad habit when stressed makes your cognitive function drop sharply and makes you unable to think clearly how to solve problems.

Stress can indeed affect your ability to get good quality sleep. Therefore, try not to watch television or use a device (gadgets such as laptops, cellphones and tablets) before bedtime, go to bed at the same time every night, and darken the lighting of your bedroom. These things can help you sleep well.

3. Don't just stay quiet, tell the closest person

Did you know that vent can be a 'drug' stress reliever? When you experience periods of stress, emotional support, namely psychological help from people who love you can be a helper in dealing with various challenges.

When you are in this condition, you can see a relationship, whether friendship or family is better than before. This good relationship helps you to face the fight or flight response.

Fight or flight is a physiological or psychological reaction that arises when someone faces a danger that threatens him. Stress can occur if a person cannot overcome the problem because of the pressure experienced and cannot take action to fight or flight. This response will encourage you to connect with others and share support.

Conversely, relationships that conflict with you only have a negative impact on your health because it triggers conflict. Therefore, it is important for you to get rid of unnecessary relationships to keep your life healthy.

4. Spend a schedule if it's too crowded

If you think you are busy with the schedule you make can relieve your stress, you are wrong. Making a schedule that is too busy is one of the bad habits when stress is important for you to avoid.

If you are too busy, even though the schedule is filled with interesting things, still you can feel stressed out due to lack of rest time. Schedules that are full of activities that tend to pressure you, can be even more draining.

If someone asks for your time at the wrong time, try learning to say no. Check your schedule and delete activities that you really don't need. You can use this time to rest and think clearly.

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