3 Types of Sports That Will Not Make Joint Pain Relapse

3 Types of Sports That Will Not Make Joint Pain Relapse

3 Types of Sports That Will Not Make Joint Pain Relapse


Having joint pain problems, such as rheumatism and osteoarthritis, can inhibit the smooth running of daily activities because of fear that the pain will worsen when used to move. However, there are actually many types of exercise that you can do to prevent symptoms of joint pain relapse. Anything?

Various types of exercise that prevent joint pain relapse

Joint pain is not a reason not to exercise regularly. In fact, exercise can actually help strengthen muscles and prevent you from joint disturbances.

If you often experience joint pain, you can do the following exercises that won't make joint pain worse.

1. Stretching

Do stretching exercises regularly, this can help flex your joints, so that you avoid joint pain that might recur. You can do it every morning, this is good for starting your daily activities. Here are the stretching movements you have to do:

2. Stretch arms

This stretch is the basis that you actually have to do every day even though you don't have joint pain at all. You can try it by bending one hand and then crossing your arms. Try as shown below.

3 Types of Sports That Will Not Make Joint Pain Relapse

3. Stretch your legs

The joints of the legs and arms, usually become easy targets for those of you who have joint pain. Try to always make the joints in the legs and arms more flexible. You can try to sit while straightening both legs, then try to be able to smell your lutu, without moving your legs at all.

4. Stretch your neck

Joints in the neck are also a target if you experience joint pain. Therefore, to prevent neck joints getting stiffer, you must get used to stretching the neck. You can do this by turning your head from right to left and vice versa and do it several times. In addition, you can tilt your neck right or left after holding the position in a few seconds.

5. Yoga

There are some good poses or movements to prevent symptoms of joint pain relapse. For example, a cobra pose, which is done with a face down, then gently lift the head and upper body, resembling an angry cobra.

Other recommended sports

No need to do heavy exercise to prevent joint pain from recurring. You only need to do sports such as walking, cycling and swimming. These three sports are less likely to injure the joints. Also pay attention to the condition of your body.

Start exercise with a light intensity, then gradually to moderate intensity. Do this for at least 30 minutes every day. If you choose to walk, choose a soft track or road, not too hard. For example, walking on grass or land rather than on the road rocks or asphalt.

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