3 Types of Nutrients That Can Be A Mainstay to Increase Appetite

3 Types of Nutrients That Can Be A Mainstay to Increase Appetite

3 Types of Nutrients That Can Be A Mainstay to Increase Appetite


3 Types of Nutrients That Can Be A Mainstay to Increase Appetite

If you plan to gain weight, it's important for you to know what foods can increase appetite and strategies to improve it. Not only that, you should also know the types of nutrients that are good for increasing your appetite. After knowing all these things, you will be slowly guaranteed your diet will improve accompanied by achieving dream weight.

Nutrition is important to increase appetite, so that the scales go up

Reported from the Healthline page, some nutrients that can increase your appetite are:

1. Zinc

One of the symptoms caused by lack of zinc in the body is loss of appetite. Therefore, the content of zinc in food sources is believed to have an effect on increasing appetite. Many people who have certain health problems will lose their appetite so they are lazy to eat which in the end the nutritional needs of the body are not adequately fulfilled.

A Dialysis and Transplantation study states that people who undergo dialysis due to kidney failure and are given zinc supplements for 60 days experience increased appetite compared to those who were not given zinc supplements every day.

Zinc source food

Men ages 19 to 29 need at least 13 milligrams (mg) of zinc per day, while women ages 19 to 21 need around 10 mg per day to avoid the body from zinc deficiency. If zinc levels in the body are insufficient, various symptoms will arise such as loss of appetite, deteriorating immune system, diarrhea, lethargy, and weight loss without cause.

Take it easy, you can get a source of zinc by eating foods such as broccoli, oysters, potatoes, corn, wheat, beef and so on.

2. Vitamin B1

If you have lost your appetite lately, maybe one of the reasons is that you lack vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 or what is often called thiamine is one of several vitamins that are allegedly able to revive your appetite.

Reporting from Calories Secret, lack of vitamin B1 in the body can cause you to lack appetite. Not only that, weight loss and increased energy expenditure are also the effects of this vitamin deficiency.

Food sources of vitamin B1

If you want to enrich the adequacy of vitamin B1 in your body, you can consume foods such as cereals, grains, eggs, milk, green vegetables, and so on. However, even though this vitamin is beneficial in increasing appetite, most of the consumption of vitamin B1 can also interfere with your appetite.

Ultimately results in symptoms such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, and nausea and vomiting. So, it is important to maintain normal levels of vitamin B1 in the body for men aged 19 to 29 years around 1.4 milligrams and 1.1 mg for women of the same age.

3. Omega-3

High sources of omega-3 are found in fish oil supplements. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that you need to get from food sources because your body cannot produce it yourself. Omega-3 is mentioned also beneficial for increasing one's appetite.

Quoted from Healthy Eating, cancer patients who consume omega-3 regularly in the form of fish oil supplements every day show faster weight gain.

However, the average fish oil supplement contains around 40 calories per teaspoon. Therefore, do not consume fish oil in too many doses because it can potentially increase total calorie intake. Do not let this cause an increase in unwanted weight.

omega-3 source food

Not only from fish oil, you also get other sources of omega-3 by eating fish, seafood such as shrimp, eggs, whole grains, beans, oysters, and dark green vegetables like spinach, kale, and bok choy.

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