3 marks on the skin that must be immediately checked by a doctor

3 marks on the skin that must be immediately checked by a doctor

3 marks on the skin that must be immediately checked by a doctor


Many people consider trivial skin problems that they are experiencing. In fact, various signs that appear on the skin can be a sign of your health condition, you know! If most women consider acne a serious skin problem, in fact there are other skin problems that you should be more aware of.

Skin problems that you should be aware of

Everyone must have a mole, freckles, or birthmark. Now, as we get older, these moles, freckles, and birthmarks allow for development over time. It could be that this development does not cause any symptoms. But there is also the possibility if all three are symptoms of something more serious, such as skin cancer.

According to Arielle Kauvar, a dermatologist and director of the New York Laser and Skin Care, there are three types of skin cancer, namely: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma. Each type of cancer has a different appearance and has early warning signs that need attention.

In addition to genetic factors, other causes of the disease are frequent exposure to sunlight

Here are some signs of skin weirdness that you should immediately consult a dermatologist.

1. A red spot that widens and does not want to disappear

Please note, every type of redness that occurs on the skin that occurs continuously, you should immediately consult a doctor. Because this can show serious irritation. Either because of a fungal infection, bacterial infection, rash due to fever, allergies or anything else.

Also if there are spots on your body that are slowly widening, it's time to see a doctor. This is due to the emergence of widening red spots or greater potential as a sign of basal or squamous cell carcinoma. Even so, the spots on the skin are not always red. Spread skin that can be any color, ranging from grayish white, brown, black or some colors.

2. Enlarged moles

Many consider moles to be a marker of beauty. In fact, sometimes moles carry risks that must be watched out. Because there are certain types of moles that are a warning to the early stages of skin cancer.

Try starting now to see the shape of the mole that is in your body. Beware of moles that are not oval or perfectly round. Also, pay attention to whether the edges of the mole are even or not. You also need to be vigilant, if there is one mole on your body that has a color that is not uniform and there appears to be a different color. And, the latter make sure if the mole you have does not change shape or grow bigger over time.

To be safer, if you are among those who have a lot of moles, for example more than one hundred, it is better to check with a dermatologist regularly.

3. The appearance of a lump on the skin

Often there is a lump that you don't know where it comes from. Some lumps may heal and not have serious problems, but on the other hand they can also turn into serious problems. Especially if the lump is accompanied by the appearance of scaly skin, bleeding, flaking or itching.

It is undeniable to distinguish which temporary spots, skin spots or moles that are a sign of cancer are sometimes confusing. That is why, you should check with your doctor to get the right diagnosis.

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