3 Health Benefits You Can Get If You Are Married

3 Health Benefits You Can Get If You Are Married

3 Health Benefits You Can Get If You Are Married


Married people are considered happier and healthier. But this is not just a mere assumption, because married people do prove to be healthier. From maintaining heart health to mental health, you will get it when you get married. How to? And what are the effects on health?

Various health benefits obtained by married people

If you decide to postpone marriage or don't even want to get married at all, think about this again. Because, marriage not only makes you not lonely, but also many health benefits that you can get. Then what are the benefits of marriage that you can get?

1. Better heart health

One study says that marriage can affect your heart health. In a study from New York University's Lagone Medical Center, married women and men were known to have a 5% lower risk of developing heart disease, compared to unmarried people.

Researchers are also not very sure why this happened. but they assume that marriage can increase emotional support, build physical intimacy, as well as deeper social ties. And all of these things can make a person's blood pressure decrease and stabilize, which then has an impact on heart health.

But this only happens in marriages of good quality, where husband and wife feel happy about their marriage.

2. Getting married is good for mental health

People who are married are known to have better mental health, why? Again this is caused by the support that individuals get from each of their partners. Support and bonding formed between partners makes them avoid depression.

In some studies, lonely people - like unmarried people - tend to experience stress more often because there is no support from people around them that makes them comfortable and calm when they are under pressure.

3. Married people tend to have a longer age

From the studies that have been conducted, it is known that married people tend to have a longer life than those who are single or alone. Happiness, comfort, and security that are received by married individuals is considered as one of the reasons why they tend to live long. This condition makes individuals avoid stress. Someone who rarely experiences stress, has a risk of chronic illness is smaller than individuals who are often stressed.

Then won't an unmarried person feel happy?

Even though it has been proven that marriage has a good effect on your health, this depends on how the marriage relationship is formed. If the marriage does not make you happy, then you will not get all the health benefits. In fact, they will get stressed, easily stressed, at risk of obesity, and various chronic diseases.

In the end, the most important thing is how to take care of your social relationships, whether it's a relationship of brotherhood or friendship, well established and you will get happiness from that relationship.

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