3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity


3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

When you hear the word gymnastics, you may immediately imagine complex movements to maintain fitness and flexibility. However, have you ever heard about brain exercise? If usually gymnastics are carried out to maintain body health, brain gymnastics is the main function of maintaining brain health and improving your cognitive function.

Yes, you don't need to drain your brain by working on complex calculation questions or solving severe problems to train your thinking, memory, and concentration. By doing basic brain gymnastic movements, your brain will be sharpened to be sharper. Want to know more about brain exercise? Directly refer to the following review.

Get to know brain exercise and its benefits

Brain gymnastics is a series of body movements that are able to maintain your mental health and cognitive function. Body movement is very influential on brain activity. By routinely doing brain exercises, you can absorb information faster, improve learning abilities, sharpen body reflexes and coordination, sharpen memory and concentration, and balance the body and mind. Brain gymnastics can also help reduce stress and improve your mood.

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This benefit-rich brain gymnastics was first developed in the 1960s by an American learning expert, Paul Dennison and his wife, Gail Dennison. Initially brain gymnastics was intended to help students and students to learn more effectively. However, as time goes on brain exercises are becoming increasingly popular. At present, anyone can and is strongly encouraged to do brain exercises, ranging from children to the elderly. Some instructors also often schedule brain exercises for students with disabilities in special schools.

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You can also do brain exercises at any time. Whether it's on the sidelines of work in the office, in the morning, or before going to bed. However, brain exercise should be done routinely so that the benefits are more quickly felt.

Basic brain gymnastic movements

In the guidelines published by the Dennison couple, there are approximately 26 brain gymnastic movements. However, as a beginner you can try the basic movement first. Here are 3 brain exercise movements that you can try.


3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

This movement can be done either while sitting or standing. However, try to take an upright position. Open your legs up to shoulder width. Lift your right knee until it touches your left elbow. Tilt your head and left shoulder slightly to the right while doing this movement. Then, replace it with the other side. Repeat this movement for about 30 seconds. By doing this movement, you can train your right and left brain balance, train your breathing, and increase your body's endurance.


3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

Just like the previous movement, the second movement can also be done while sitting or standing. If you are sitting, draw a symbol ∞ or like the number 8 sleeping on a piece of paper. While you are standing, you can make the symbol in the air using your fingers. Start at the point at the center of the two circles and make a circle on the right first, then left. For about 30 seconds, the symbol image uses your dominant hand. Then, replace it with your non-dominant hand and draw it for 30 seconds.

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Drawing with the dominant hand will relax the muscles in the palm and wrist. While drawing with non-dominant hands can train creativity. This movement also helps increase your alertness, concentration, and visual accuracy.


3 Brain Gymnastic Movements to Increase Focus and Creativity

Stand tall and comfortable. Interlace your hands in front of your chest crosswise. Make sure your ankles cross each other, with your left ankle in front of your right ankle. Maintain this position while closing your eyes and breathing deeply as long as you can. Exhale through your mouth slowly. You can do this movement for 3 to 5 minutes or if you feel more calm.

By practicing this movement, the central nervous system in the brain will become more relaxed. You can also think more clearly and focus. So, this brain gymnastic movement can be done if you need to make an important decision, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, or before starting to move.

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