3 Benefits of Letting a Child Rain (and Tips to Be Safe)

3 Benefits of Letting a Child Rain (and Tips to Be Safe)

3 Benefits of Letting a Child Rain (and Tips to Be Safe)


Often times, children's requests for rain and rain are rarely followed by parents. Parents worry, rain can make their baby sick. But, do you know that by playing rain, many children get benefits and benefits for their bodies? In addition, rain does not only cause pain for the little one. Want to know what the benefits of children playing rain Come, see the benefits and tips below.

Benefits obtained when children play under the rain

1. Increase children's knowledge

When children play rain, you can accompany them while looking after children. You can also explain to your child simply about the rain, where it rains, what the danger is if it's too long for rain, or all the questions your little one asks about his curiosity about rain and nature.

2. Add physical and motoric abilities

When your little one plays under the rain, he will move his whole body to jump up (see the source of rain falls), catch the rain by hand, splash water, to feel the sensor changes from heat to cold. The child's motion and activity will stimulate motor stimulation and optimal physical abilities, especially the stimulation of the skin which is directly exposed to water.

3. Stimulates children's creativity and imagination

It's not just adults who imagine and get inspiration when it rains. In fact, when children play rain, their imagination and creativity will come along with their imagination. For example, by playing a paper boat in a pool of rain, watering plants with rain water, and many others. When it rains, your little one will try to think creatively, plus do it in a fun way.

Which must be considered when allowing children to play rain and rain

1. Don't be in the first rain

When you want to allow your child to play rain, avoid the first rain that falls first. Why? The rain that fell first (after some time not raining), is rain which functions to clean air pollution. Pollution of air, dust and dirt in the air, will be carried along with rain water, the effect for the little one becomes unhealthy. Well, to prevent your child from getting sick, it's better to wait until it rains to 3 or 4 in a few days.

2. After that, immediately take off your wet clothes and take a warm bath

After the little one has finished playing the rain, immediately remove the clothes of the child who is soaked. This is useful so that moisture does not seep into the lungs of the little one. Don't forget to clean the body afterwards, use warm water to balance the previous cold temperature. It is also recommended to soak and rub your feet with warm salt water, or use antiseptic soap, to prevent bacterial infections that are carried by rainwater.

3. Give warm food and sleep afterwards

The cold air when it rains is indeed unavoidable. When your child finishes playing rain and cleanses himself, it's a good idea to give warm food or drinks such as soup, milk or tea. After playing rain, your baby's body will feel cold and hungry, so this is the right time to warm the internal organs.

After filling your stomach, don't forget to take a break, because your child's physical and energy has been drained when playing under the previous rain. Adequate rest can also prevent children from getting sick.

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