13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People


13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Eating healthy foods is one of the things that must be done to maintain a healthy body. Not only are the benefits, healthy food also has a good impact on your daily mood. Anything, anyway, a healthy diet to keep your body fit? Should you follow the rules of the 4 healthy 5 perfect foods that have been legendary since the first time? Let's look at the following explanation

The principle of eating 4 healthy 5 perfect is out of date

Maybe the principle of 4 perfectly healthy 5 has become a slogan that keeps ringing in your memory. This slogan you might also have memorized since childhood. However, did you know that the slogan is no longer used now? Why is that, huh?

This slogan originally appeared as a campaign in 1952. Since then, 4 perfect 5 health has always been the main principle if you want to live a healthy life. Then over time and the development of science, this slogan is no longer compatible with life today.

Therefore, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has issued a successor, namely the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines (PGS). The principle of eating is indeed just issued and ratified in 2014, so that not many know that 4 healthy 5 perfect is no longer valid.

Here are the reasons why the 4 healthy 5 perfect slogans are deemed inappropriate and eventually replaced with the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines.

1. Just eating healthy is not enough

In the past, maybe you thought that if you want to live healthy, then you live to fulfill the principle of eating 4 healthy 5 perfect. This means that every meal must have staple food, side dishes consisting of animal protein and vegetable protein, vegetables, fruit, and milk as a perfect ingredient.

In fact, food is not the only determinant of your health status. Just choosing healthy foods is not enough to maintain your overall fitness and health.

In this new guideline, there are some other recommendations if you want to live a healthy life. Among them are regular exercise, regulating food portions, monitoring body weight regularly, and maintaining personal hygiene and the surrounding environment.

2. Milk is not required to be complementary

If you think your new diet will be perfect if you drink milk, then you are wrong. Milk is no longer required to be included in your daily healthy diet. Because the milk has the same content as animal protein side dishes.

Whereas other ingredients in milk such as calcium, phosphorus and iron can also be found in various other animal proteins. So don't worry about you being unhealthy because you don't drink milk all this time.

3. There are no portion provisions

In the slogan of eating old healthy food, there are no provisions and rules for how much to eat in a day. In fact, the provision of food portions is very important to prevent you from being overweight and suffering from various chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, on the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines you can also get a portion of the healthy food menu on your dinner plate.

4. Foodstuffs must vary

The more ingredients you eat, the better the nutritional content. In the Principles of Balanced Nutrition, it is also emphasized to consume various types of food ingredients.

It doesn't just depend on one type of food, like staple food that can be replaced with corn, noodles, sweet potatoes, or potatoes - it doesn't have to be rice. Whereas in the previous slogan there is no message.

5. You also need to drink lots of water

In 4 healthy 5 perfect, it is not stated that you have to consume mineral water. In fact, the fulfillment of fluids is very important to maintain adequate fluids in your body. The best liquid to meet your needs is mineral water.

Therefore, in the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines you are advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or according to your individual needs.

Tips for eating healthy food for busy people

Deadline pursuit, tight schedule of meetings, overtime until night, having to take care of the house, and other activities sometimes make busy people difficult to control food intake. Usually, they only choose to eat quickly and easily obtained so as not to consume a lot of time.

In fact, healthy food intake is important to support human health, control body weight, improve brain performance, and increase energy all day. Here are tips and choices for healthy foods that are easily obtained for busy people.

1. Breakfast

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Breakfast is very important to support energy and help control blood sugar. Avoid breakfast with foods that contain simple carbohydrates and sugar. Healthy food menu at breakfast which is recommended to be eaten:

  • Foods with high complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, cereals, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Foods that are high in fiber such as wheat cereal and chia seed.
  • Menus that are rich in protein such as nuts, seeds, almond milk, low-fat cow's milk, yogurt, and eggs.
  • Foods with good fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, and coconuts.

2. Don't drink coffee

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Most coffee drinks will burden your liver, make you dehydrated (because coffee is a drink that is diuretic or increases the speed of urine formation), and increases the risk of unstable blood sugar.

The heart is an organ that cleanses your body's toxins, so if your liver is burdened, then you might get sick and your weight increases. Reduce coffee consumption or maybe if possible don't consume coffee. Eat herbal teas that are beneficial to the body, for example:

  • Dandelion root tea that can help the liver cleanse the body's toxins
  • Ginseng tea to help increase energy
  • Oolong tea can help you lose weight
  • Green tea to increase concentration
  • Mint leaf tea to reduce abdominal pain

3. Drink lots of water

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Don't forget to drink a lot. Minumah minimum 8 glasses of water a day so that your energy levels remain high, your digestion smoothly, and your concentration awake.

When your body is dehydrated, sometimes your body will actually give the wrong signal, which is the sensation of hunger. You can drink water 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after eating.

4. Reduce food packaging

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

In general, packaged foods contain lots of sugar, salt, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial dyes, and so on. These food ingredients are not good for health. To consume more healthy foods, avoid eating packaged foods and ready meals.

5. Eat fresh food

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Meat, fish, beans, wheat, fruit, and fresh vegetables are healthy foods that are good for health. If you want to bring a snack, bring beans or fruit and vegetables cut into small pieces.

6. Note the results of the food process in the restaurant

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

When ordering food in a restaurant, pay attention to the process of making food in the menu book, whether the food is steamed, boiled, baked, or burned. Try to avoid fried foods, high-heat dry-cooked foods or add oil or fat, or au gratin, where your food is sprinkled with heated cheese on top.

Foods with such processing contain high fat and calories. You better choose a menu of healthy foods that are boiled or baked.

7. Reduce alcohol consumption

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

For each glass of alcohol you drink, balance by drinking a glass of water. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, makes you drunk (alcohol poisoning), and disrupts sleep patterns. For men, do not consume more than 2 cups of alcohol a day. Meanwhile, for women the safe limit is no more than a glass a day.

Alternate other drinks such as mild alcohol, virgin Caesar, white wine spritzer, sparkling water, or even drink water with lemon slices. Lemon water is very good for health. For example increasing energy, helping digestion, increasing the immune system, helping detoxification, helping to lose weight, and helping skin care.

8. Eat healthy foods high in fiber

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Instead of eating white rice, choose brown rice which is more rich in fiber. You can also replace the white bread you normally eat with whole wheat bread. In addition to higher fiber, whole wheat bread and brown rice also make you full longer so you can move all day smoothly.

9. Bring your own healthy snack

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Wherever you go, bring healthy snacks such as small fruit, juice, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh vegetables cut into small pieces, or nuts. Eat your snacks every 3 hours to help keep your blood sugar stable and prevent you from overeating during meals.

10. Don't overeat

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Eat enough at mealtime, which is about 80 percent full and not more than that. If you still feel hungry 10 minutes later, then eat a little more.

Overeating not only results in weight gain, but also inhibits your digestive system and can lead to more serious diseases such as diabetes. Yes, even though you eat healthy food, the portion still has to be controlled.

11. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Look for fruits and vegetables that are colorful, fresh, and don't forget to wash them first to get rid of chemicals or pesticides that may be found on the fruits and vegetables.

Choose green vegetables, like kale, spinach or broccoli. Green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to health.

12. Eat regularly and on time

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Your metabolic rate will slow down at night. It is recommended to eat healthy foods before 8pm so that your body has time to process the food you eat and cleanse toxins in your body so you avoid excess weight. Try to always eat regularly, yes.

13. Consumption of supplements

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Regardless of how well you eat healthy foods, no one has perfect nutrition in the body. With an environment that contains many substances that are not good for our body, or stress because work can affect the nutrients in our body. Here are recommended supplements for consumption:

  • Multivitamin or mineral supplements
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Vitamin B complex (to help reduce stress, increase metabolic work and help improve the immune system)
  • Supplements that contain essential fatty acids omega-3 or omega-6
  • Fish oil (to help improve brain work, improve the digestive system, reduce stress, and control appetite)

Everyone has different nutritional needs. Consult with a nutritionist to discuss what supplements are right for you.

All the tips mentioned above are things that are quite easy to do, no matter how busy you are. Always remember that your health is more important than your busy life.

Keep in mind that the key to healthy living is self-dedication and motivation to start a healthy life. So, even though it's busy, don't forget to keep watching a healthy diet for your health.

Eating healthy foods can also make your mood happy

The delicious healthy foods below contain good nutrients that have been shown to be able to provide an energy boost, reduce the stress hormone cortisol levels, and increase happy hormone levels, serotonin. Here it is food and a healthy diet that can make the mood better and cheerful throughout the day:

1. Orange

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

Oranges are a storehouse of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a variety of benefits, not just increasing the immune system. This vitamin has been proven effective in reducing the physical and psychological effects of stressful stress.

The highest levels of vitamin C in the body are found naturally in the adrenal glands, and research shows that stress can deplete the body's supply of vitamin C. That is why people who have high levels of vitamin C do not show the expected signs of mental and physical stress when experiencing acute psychological challenges.

What's more, they are reported to be able to get back up faster from stressful situations than people with low levels of vitamin C in their blood.

2. Cashew nuts

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

You don't have to eat cashews at the time of the Eid holiday alone. Cashew nuts can be consumed at any time. In addition, this healthy food has been named as one of the best stress relievers of all types of beans. This is because cashew nuts contain high levels of zinc per ounce to cover 11 percent of your daily needs.

Low zinc levels in the body have been linked to high anxiety and tendency to depression. Especially because the body does not have the facility to store reserves of zinc, so you should get the intake every day like from cashews.

3. Yogurt

13 Healthy Eating Tips for Super Busy People

A UCLA 2013 study of 36 healthy women revealed that taking probiotics in yogurt reduced brain activity in areas that deal with emotions, including stress, compared to people who ate yogurt without probiotics or without yogurt at all. This research is small so more research is still needed to confirm the results.

It doesn't hurt to snack on yogurt as a way to relieve stress. Moreover, yogurt also contains a number of other important nutrients such as protein and calcium.

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