Wow! Single people are more vulnerable to depression

Wow! Single people are more vulnerable to depression

Wow! Single people are more vulnerable to depression


In modern times like now, the trend of living alone alone or even single is increasing for various reasons. But the question is, does true solitude have a negative impact on one's mental health, what do parents say?

The negative effect of living alone with one's mentality

1. Lonely

Loneliness has indeed become a real impact of living alone. People who live alone tend to feel often lonely, compared to people who are not alone. Even though living alone can reduce a person's chances of anger due to the absence of a fight, it can also be an obstacle to connecting and interacting with others and to form meaningful relationships.
This can be a problem for a certain group of people. For example, those who have physical disabilities may have difficulty making the trip needed to leave home.

One of the main reasons for the negative influence of one's own life on mental health is that people who live alone tend to spend a lot of their own time. Spending time with other people might increase negative interactions, but it is also important in preventing loneliness by promoting your sense of social support.

2. Depression

It has long been known that the effects of living alone are vulnerable to depression and other mental health problems. New research shows the same pattern can also be found in adults and elderly people. Adult men who are single are more likely to feel depressed than men who live under the same roof as spouses or other family members. Likewise with widows. Women who may have recently lived alone for the first time (whether due to divorce or death partners) can be at greater risk of depression than those who have lived alone for a longer period of time.

In a study of 3,500 men and women aged 30 to 65, researchers in Finland found that people who lived alone were more likely to receive prescriptions and take antidepressant drugs. That is true when compared to 16% of those who live with a partner, family, or even roommates.

3. His diet is more unhealthy

Other studies also show that when you live alone you tend to eat foods that are less healthy. For example, you will eat fewer vegetables every day than people who are already in pairs. People who live together with other people, will cook or eat healthy food to maintain health. Their health is also maintained because they want to live and be happy longer with the people who live with them.

But not all people who live alone will be depressed

The extent to which the effects of life alone can affect mental health, seems to depend on individual characteristics. For example age, gender, health, and characteristics of each social life. Actually, not all things that refer to life alone are negatively related. Back again to the intentions and benefits that the person received. However, it would be better if you stay with other people to avoid the impact of the relationship between the mental condition and lifestyle that you live.

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