Why You Shouldn't Unplug Your Teeth During Menstruation

Why You Shouldn't Unplug Your Teeth During Menstruation

Why You Shouldn't Unplug Your Teeth During Menstruation


If a monthly guest arrives in the near future, but you forget that you have already scheduled a tooth extraction this weekend - you should call your doctor to request a reschedule. Did you know that you should not pull teeth, or do other dental surgeries, during menstruation? Here is the medical explanation why you should not pull teeth during menstruation.

Unplug your teeth during menstruation and will slow down the recovery process

You probably never imagined that pulling teeth during menstruation turned out to be directly related to the body's ability to recover faster. According to the American Dental Association your dental health is affected by various changes in the body, including hormonal changes, menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and contraceptive use.

According to dentist Dan Peterson at Gentle Dental Care, many women experience swollen gums before and during menstruation due to an increase in the menstrual hormone progesterone. Swollen gums can make it difficult for the dentist to measure the depth of your tooth pockets (Depths greater than 3 mm can indicate gum disease.) Plus, swollen gums tend to be very sensitive. As a result, cleaning your teeth before and after being removed can feel more painful.

In rare cases, pulling teeth during menstruation can cause serious bleeding that can slow the healing process after removing the teeth. Especially in people who have Von Wildebrand's disease, pulling teeth during menstruation can worsen symptoms. Von Willebrand is a genetic disorder that can be characterized by heavy menstrual bleeding, excessive bleeding after dental surgery, and bleeding when brushing teeth.

It is important for you to talk to the dentist before dental surgery, this is to ensure effective and comfortable recovery after surgery. If your period or bleeding gums appear excessive, immediately consult your doctor.

So, when is the best time to remove teeth for women?

There is no inappropriate time to go to the dentist. However, if you want to schedule routine dental cleaning at the doctor, you should do a week after your menstruation is over. If your doctor recommends that you remove teeth or other dental surgeries, you can schedule 2-3 days after your period is over - when you are sure your menstrual bleeding has stopped completely. That's when the hormone level is lower and your gums are not sensitive.

It should also be noted that there will be a "wave" of hormonal changes again after your menstruation is over, to prepare the body to face ovulation as follows. This usually occurs between days 11 to 21 of the normal menstrual cycle per 28 days, where the first day is the first day of your menstruation. This hormonal change to prepare for ovulation can also cause gum inflammation, making dental surgery procedures more uncomfortable.

So. try scheduling your dental surgery, whatever it is, as soon as possible after your menstrual period ends.

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