Why Should We Use Ear Plugs When Swimming?

Why Should We Use Ear Plugs When Swimming?

Why Should We Use Ear Plugs When Swimming?


What do you usually do on a hot day? Some people like to spend their time swimming during the hot weather. But not everyone routinely uses ear plugs when swimming. Some think it's just accessories, others feel it's troublesome. How important is it to actually use ear plugs when swimming?

When swimming, some dangerous things can happen to one of your ears. Some are prone to ear infections, some of which are vulnerable to water intrusion. Especially when you have allergies, coughs and sinuses. These three conditions can inhibit water entering the swimmer's ear, then hold the water inside.

Why do you have to use ear plugs when swimming?

Using ear plugs when swimming can prevent infection in your ears because of the entry of water such as otitis externa. Otitis externa is an infection that occurs in the channel that channels sound from outside to the eardrum (ear canal). This infection can be caused by many things, moist ears after playing water so that the skin of the ear canal is susceptible to irritation and forms a suitable medium for live bacteria and fungi, could be the cause. You will certainly be vulnerable to infection if you often swim without using ear plugs. Not surprisingly, some people then refer to this infection with a swimmer's ear (swimmer's ear).

This infection is usually characterized by itching in the ear canal followed by pain, which will increase the pain when pressed or pulled. In some cases you will even feel the pain when you chew. The symptoms are then followed by swelling of the ear canal which flushes until the discharge from the ear from the clear to yellowish. The presence of fluid and swelling may be able to block out outside sounds and reduce the quality of your hearing.

Medical treatment as soon as possible is needed to treat this infection. Late treatment will provide an opportunity for the infection to spread and the pain to increase. It's best to get your ear checked immediately when you feel pain in the ear or decrease the ability to hear for more than three days.

What is a safe ear plug like?

Even though it is beneficial for your ear health, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to so that the ear plugs that you use while swimming are safe to use, namely:

Presses not too deep . Pressing the ear plug too deep, even close to the eardrum, can increase the air pressure in your ear. This condition will actually cause discomfort until the onset of pain.

Don't trigger allergies . Some people have allergies to certain ingredients. Generally, the ear plugs used for a swimmer are silicone ear plugs that are easily shaped like wax. You should first find out what ingredients can trigger your allergies, if you have them.

Clean . Although some ear plugs are designed for prolonged use, but prolonging the use of ear plugs without regular cleaning can cause effects such as ear ringing (tinnitus).

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