Why Parents Must Communicate Regularly With Children?

Why Parents Must Communicate Regularly With Children?

Why Parents Must Communicate Regularly With Children?


Being a parent is not an easy thing to do. Your way of dealing with children, educating children, and teaching children greatly influences children's growth, including their physical and mental. One of the things that can support this is communication with children. Communication between children and parents is the basis of how parents and children form relationships. Poor communication between parents and children can certainly make the parent and child relationship worse.

Benefits of maintaining communication with children

How the development of children can be seen from the form of communication between parents and children who have been built up since childhood, even from birth. However, many parents may not be aware of this. Communication with children may be a simple thing and seems easy to do, but it turns out to have great benefits for children's development.

Building positive communication with children since young children can help develop children's self-confidence, build a sense of self-esteem, children feel more valuable, build positive children's self-concepts, and can help children build relationships with other people who are surrounding. Maybe you like to see small children who are shy in public, this is probably one of them due to the lack of communication between parents and children.

Communication with well-established children can also make children's and parent's relationships pleasant. Conversely, poorly intertwined communication can make children not respect their parents, frequent fights between children and parents, and feelings of worthlessness in children.

Communication between parents and good children can strengthen the relationship between parents and children. This certainly helps parents to understand every development of their children. Remember, child development can vary in each age. With communication, parents can find out what their child is, what they like to do, and don't like to do.

Some psychologists have also found that children who have good communication with their parents have a lower risk of doing bad things, such as smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol, sexual abuse, and violence. So, find your communication pattern with a good child and make the child comfortable about it. Some children may not be too comfortable if parents know what each child is doing. The key is to be curious without disturbing the child.

Not only talking, but also listening to children

Building good communication with children does not only involve talking, but also parents must listen to children. So, two-way communication can occur between parents and children. Your ability to listen to children is very important to build effective communication.

In addition to listening ability, several ways to build communication with good children are:

  • Take a few moments each day to talk and listen to your child.
  • Pay attention to what the child is talking to you. As much as possible you only focus on listening to children, not while watching television or holding a cellphone. It can also teach children how to be a good listener.
  • Encourage children to express their ideas and opinions on something. Let the child ask you anything and as much as possible give the child a good answer. This is one form of positive communication between parents and children (talking and listening alternately).
  • Don't be afraid to discuss important things, criticize children, or blame children. But, don't shout or speak harshly that can hurt your child. Remember, you are a role model for children.

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