Why Need to Make Cooling After Sports?

Why Need to Make Cooling After Sports?

Why Need to Make Cooling After Sports?


Doing cooling after exercise is highly recommended by health experts. Because basically, the benefits of cooling after exercising are often discussed to prevent the risk of injury to the muscles of the body. However, how important is it to cool down after exercising? Are there any big benefits that can be obtained?

Why do you have to cool down after exercise?

According to the Amerian Council on Exercise, cooling or stretching the body after exercising is important. Why is that important? The effect not only helps prevent injury, but can also help deal with the pain that arises afterwards.

When exercising, your body's muscles will feel warm due to movement and speed when you exercise. Well, the function of this cooling is to increase the range of muscle movements so that they don't tear and get hurt in warm conditions. By routinely cooling the body after exercising, you can also reduce muscle pain which usually appears 1 or 2 days after exercising.

1. Helps reduce muscle fatigue

When you exercise, lactic acid is formed in your muscles, often lactic acid often causes muscle aches and fatigue. By doing cooling, the muscles will prepare for the temperature drop to normal activities and the pain can recover faster.

2. Train muscle flexibility

Another benefit that you can get from cooling is to train and increase the flexibility of body muscles. Flexural and flexible muscles are important to be trained if you really like or routinely exercise every day.

This also affects as your body ages. Because of the age, the muscles and joints of the body also grow stiff and inflexible. So that routines such as cooling or doing a massage after exercising are needed to reduce muscle stiffness.

3. Prevent stress from body and mind

It's not only the body and the muscles that benefit, your mind can also get certain benefits from cooling. If you stretch yourself while breathing well after exercising, then you are uniting your body, feelings and thoughts together.

Then, every breath released when doing cooling, the body stretches while overcoming the aches and pains in the body. This unity between mind and body is declared important for relaxation and stress relief. In addition, the nerves in the brain and all over your body will also feel calmer if you routinely stretch every day.

Cooling cannot be done carelessly

Once you know how important it is to cool down after exercise, in fact there are still some things that must be considered. Before doing exercise, you are also required to warm up, as well as stretching your body muscles after you finish exercising. Both of these must be balanced, namely before and after exercise.

Then, cooling can be done in a gentle way. Avoid by doing movements that jump or move faster. Don't forget to take a deep breath to get a sensation in the body when stretching. It is recommended to do 3-5 minutes of cooling after exercise.

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