Why Does Your Appetite Increase When You Have PMS?

Why Does Your Appetite Increase When You Have PMS?

Why Does Your Appetite Increase When You Have PMS?


Many women wonder why appetite increases during PMS? A few days before the menstrual period arrives, some symptoms in the body will begin to appear. The most powerful and easily known symptom is a very large appetite. See the explanation of increased appetite during PMS.

The reason why appetite increases during PMS

A recent study showed that the menstrual cycle with sex hormone production was the same cause. When you want to approach menstruation, estrogen and progesterone play a role in influencing mood and desire to eat. Well, the two levels are at a high point or level that is getting ready for menstruation.

High progesterone levels are associated with increased appetite so that women feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Dissatisfaction usually makes the mood of the women disturbed. To increase dopamine in the brain (improve mood), the body needs a lot of carbohydrate intake and sweet foods. That is why, not infrequently the appetite increases when PMS.

Pay attention to the food eaten during PMS

It's okay for women who are PMS to eat a lot, but also consider the type of food eaten. Foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables are actually good for replacing iron content lost during menstruation. Because when the hormone conditions are unstable, the body does need healthy foods that can balance the imbalance of these hormones.

Actually, you can get this appetite if you are able to ignore the delicious food. When you are hungry, try to ignore this feeling while waiting for 20 minutes. If, hunger disappears and does not appear afterwards, ignore and look for activity again. But if your hunger continues to whack you, you can take snacks or healthy food.

Besides that, did you know when body PMS will burn calories even though your appetite increases? Near PMS, more calories will burn, calories will burn around 500 calories per menstrual cycle. While forgetting pain and appetite increases during PMS, you can do several other activities. For example by walking to the mall, massage, going to a salon, watching a movie and there are many other things you can do. That way your calories will not be wasted, at least still pleasant and useful.

How do you deal with increased appetite during PMS?

Many women complain that their weight increases after the menstrual period is over. Who else is to blame, if not the increased appetite? Obesity specialist, Lisa Oldson, recommends not to consume foods that contain too much estrogen. Why not? Excessive estrogen intake will have a very bad effect on the body, especially the female body. If excessive estrogen levels will trigger cancer growth in the body, usually breast cancer and uterine cancer.

When appetite increases during PMS, there are several foods that must be avoided. Foods that must be avoided include food that includes refined carbohydrates, such as biscuits, cookies, bread and white rice. It's not not to be eaten, but the food must be in a reasonable stage, don't overdo it. Food like this will make the body's energy when PMS will burst, and the ends will make the body hungry again. Also make sure the body gets enough rest, considering that lack of sleep can increase appetite.

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