Why do I often sneeze when I wake up?

Why do I often sneeze when I wake up?

Why do I often sneeze when I wake up?


Why do I often sneeze when I wake up?

Nasal congestion and sneezing is one of the symptoms of flu that is quite disturbing. However, have you ever suddenly sneezed when you wake up in the morning, even though you haven't had the flu? Then before noon, the symptoms of sneezing actually just disappear. Approximately, what is the cause and how to overcome it? Come on, see the full review below.

What causes frequent sneezing when you wake up?

Not a few people experience sneezing, nose and runny eyes only when they wake up in the morning. From the medical side, this can be caused by several things, including:

1. Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, is a condition that occurs when the body's immune system overreacts to allergens, aka allergens. Usually, those that can cause allergies are exposed to pollen, mold, animal hair, or dust mites.

According to Mark R. Neustrom, DO of the Kansas City Allergy and Asthma Associates, 20 percent of people who experience sneezing when they wake up in the morning are caused by mite allergies. Because of its very small shape, you might not realize that the mattress and pillow you are using so far turned out to be infested by mites.

When mites enter the nose, allergy cells in the nasal mucous membrane release histamine. Well, this is what causes sneezing and runny nose as a form of the body's response to foreign objects entering.

2. Dry air

If you often sneeze when you wake up, this could be due to the influence of air conditioning or room temperature that tends to dry. Without realizing it, both of these things can make the inner layer of the nose dry out.

The mucus layer in the nose functions to keep moisture and catch any foreign objects that enter. When the nose becomes dry, this means that the nasal mucus cannot hold the foreign object that enters. As a result, these allergens can enter easily and make the nose itch to sneeze.

3. Sinusitis

Sinusitis can be one of the reasons why you sneeze in the morning. This is because inflammation of the sinuses can disrupt the lining of the nose and trigger excessive mucus. If you feel a sensation of tickling in your nose to sneeze often for several weeks, then you may experience chronic sinusitis.

4. Vasomotor rhinitis

If you are not sick or allergic, but still sneezing when you wake up, you may have vasomotor rhinitis. Vasomotor rhinitis or non-allergic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal membranes due to the very sensitive condition of the blood vessels in the nose.

Usually, this happens when you experience changes in temperature or the body's immune system during sleep. Although it causes cold and sneezing symptoms that are uncomfortable, this condition is generally not dangerous.

How do you deal with sneezing when you wake up?

Why do I often sneeze when I wake up?

To deal with sneezing when you wake up, you must know the cause first. If caused by allergic rhinitis, there is basically no medicine that can treat allergic rhinitis up to 100 percent.

The best way you can do this is to avoid the things that cause allergies, namely by changing the pillowcase and bed linen every month. After that, make sure you wash it thoroughly and dry the bolster under the hot sun to kill the sticking mites.

To be more maximal, try to always replace old pillows with new ones every six months. This is useful to reduce the risk of itching on the body's skin and prevent allergies due to mites.

If allergies are caused by air from the air conditioner, you should use the help of a humidifier or room moisturizer. This one tool will help you avoid a dry nose that can trigger sneezing when you wake up.

Also, make sure to always drink water. Because if the body remains hydrated, the body will be better able to fight viral and bacterial infections that enter the body. As a result, the symptoms of sneezing when you wake up that you feel will decrease slowly.

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