Why Can You Not Clean Your Ear Using Cotton Bud?

Why Can You Not Clean Your Ear Using Cotton Bud?

Why Can You Not Clean Your Ear Using Cotton Bud?


Why Can You Not Clean Your Ear Using Cotton Bud?

You should not insert any objects into the ear to remove dirt and dust. Yes, including cleaning the ears with a cotton bud.

For some people, earwax can accumulate very quickly to reduce the ability to hear and, in some cases, pain occurs. Many people choose to use a cotton bud to remove the dirt. In fact, although cleaning the ear with a cotton bud is quite common, experts revealed that cleaning the ear with a cotton bud can cause hearing loss or damage to the inner ear canal.

We need earwax

Channels in the ear have special cells that function to produce cerumen, aka earwax. Earwax production is not without reason. Reported by The Huffington Post, William H. Shapiro, an audiologist and associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, explained that earwax is the body's natural protector from all kinds of foreign particles, including insects, which can enter the body through the ear hole. /p>

Earwax also contains antibiotic and antifungal properties, so ear cleaning too much can result in ear and skin complications, including ear infections and eczema on the outside of the ear.

Why isn't it recommended to use a cotton bud?

Even though the earwax residue will remain and stick to the cotton cotton bud when you clean the ear, but at the same time you push and compress the earwax more and more deep into it, past the place where the oil production in the ear occurs (ideal location where earwax must remain). This will cause pain, pressure, temporary hearing loss, until the risk of piercing the eardrum.

The eardrum is very easily achieved by a cotton bud. Because the eardrum is very fragile, this important organ in the ear will break easily even when receiving gentle pressure even from the push of a cotton bud. The pain is quite severe and your ears may emit a clear liquid from the inside. Pierced eardrums will heal easily, however, the recovery process will take a long time and can lead to conductive hearing loss.

So, is it necessary to keep cleaning the ears?

Too little remaining earwax will increase the risk of infection, quoted from the American Hearing Research Foundation. At least, there are ten antimicrobial peptides contained in earwax to prevent bacteria and fungi from multiplying. Meanwhile, too much earwax can increase the incidence of infection and hearing loss. Therefore, you need proper ear care.

In general, the hole in the ear does not need to be cleaned. Quoting from Smithsonian Magazine, Dr. Rob Hicks revealed, the ear has a self-cleaning mechanism. Fat and oil in the ear canal trap all foreign particles that enter the ear and rinse it out as earwax. Earwax, according to Hicks, will dissolve on its own without you realizing it.

The structure of the skin in your ear canal grows like a spiral that is pointing outward. As soon as earwax dries, any movement made by your jaw (chewing, talking, whatever it is) helps facilitate the transport of earwax from the inside to the ear hole.

During shampooing or bathing, the water that enters the ear hole will thin your earwax so that it will facilitate the disposal process.

How do you clean your ears safely?

In contrast to the inner ear canal, the outer part of the ear must be regularly cleaned. Even so, keep avoiding ear cleaning with a cotton bud. After bathing, just use a little soap, water, and a clean cloth to scrub the outside of the ear.

This method does not have the effect of a clean ear, but, quoting from Shape, Nithin Bathia, MD, from your ENT Allergy Associates in New York, believes that the moisture supplied by earwax is good for health of your ears. Ears that are completely clean from earwax will make the ear canal dry and itchy. This condition will then create repetitive habits; You feel your ears itch due to accumulating too much earwax, so you will increasingly routinely scrape your ears. The harder you pick your ears, the more histamine is released which will cause irritated and inflamed skin, which worsens the problem.

If you are not satisfied enough to only clean your ears with a wet cloth, you can use a commercially available ear cleaning solution at the nearest pharmacy or supermarket. Simply drop the ear drops to make it easier for you to clean your ears. However, the best solution for cleaning your ears is by visiting your ENT doctor to get professional ear cleaning.


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