Why are you always sleepy after sex?

Why are you always sleepy after sex?

Why are you always sleepy after sex?


Why are you always sleepy after sex? Especially for women, they must ask themselves, why do men go to bed after sex? Even though women prefer to be hugged and spoiled after sex. But, men prefer to go to sleep immediately. Approximately, what causes men to go straight to sleep after sex? Check out the following factors below.

1. Sex is done at night

Generally, sex is done at night after everyone around has fallen asleep. It affects metabolism especially when the human body is tired. Both women and men both exert all their energy to reach the peak of the desired orgasm. If you have insomnia, having sex can be one way you can do it so you can fall asleep.

2. Prolactin hormone that makes you sleepy

When men orgasm, the hormones associated with feelings of sexual satisfaction, namely prolactin, will also come out when the orgasm effort is achieved. Women actually also have the hormone prolactin, but not as much as men. So it is not surprising if men are often sleepy after sex because of the power and style that is released together with the increase in the prolactin hormone.

3. The oxytocin and vasopressin hormone relaxes

Many people tend to hold and regulate their breath in tune with the beat when penetrating or adjusting each other's style of love. In fact, the hormone oxytocin and vasopressin affect blood vessels to drain blood faster, of course, leading to each other's genitals. The hormone comes out after returning to regular breathing as usual, then the feeling of sleepiness and relaxation also occurs.

4. Like physical exercise for men

A study explains, sexual relations when compared with women, men generally exert more energy when dealing. It's not always, but usually men who are more "in action" than women. To achieve satisfaction with the orgasm, it is not uncommon to get tired of being comparable to physical exercise. Generally people who have just finished doing physical exercise, will feel tired and sleepy extraordinary.

How can I not be sleepy after sex?

If your mind doesn't want to be sleepy after sex, but your body says something else, there are several ways you can deal with sleepiness after sex:

1. Keep touching and generate passion for each other

Especially women, who are often left to sleep by men after sex, you can still feel or touch your partner. By touching or touching a partner's body, these stimuli will keep your opponent awake and even you can have sex that has not been satisfied.

2. Take a bath together

This method can be done for you and your partner who still wants romance other than in bed. You and your partner can clean each other's body together by washing each other which might make your night more long and enjoyable.

3. Eat or copy together

If sexual activity is done close to dawn or working, you can outsmart it by drinking coffee or eating snacks after sex. Drinking coffee increases brain stimulants and caffeine substances to stay awake. The goal remains to spend time together even though the peak of romance has passed.

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