Why Are We Easily Angry While Hungry?

Why Are We Easily Angry While Hungry?

Why Are We Easily Angry While Hungry?


We have all experienced it: anger, irritability, and bad temper, just because of hunger. The English term is hangry, combining two words "hungry" and "angry", which are often used as words to describe phenomena in which a person becomes irritable when hungry. Hangry does not mean you are impatient or angry. Even someone who is very patient can change aggressively when his stomach rumbles. What is the cause of our anger when we are hungry?

We get angry easily when we are hungry because the brain lacks glucose

Reporting from The Huffington Post, Paul Currie, an appetite expert and professor of psychology at Reed College, revealed that hunger can change a person to become very emotional, which often arises as stress, anxiety, anxiety.

This is because food is the main energy source for the body. Every food that enters the body will be digested and converted to glucose which then flows into the bloodstream along with other nutrients to supply energy for every cell and tissue of the body. Glucose is the main food for the brain.

Hangry is actually the body's natural reaction to tell you that "Hey! It's time for you to eat! "Because, from the last time you eat, the amount of nutrients and glucose will slowly decrease. When the brain does not receive enough nutritious blood flow, the brain will regard the situation as a life-threatening situation. Unlike other organs that can still use other energy sources to keep functioning, the brain is only very dependent on glucose in order to keep working.

The brain that lacks energy will then be slow at work. This makes you difficult to concentrate, often dumbfounded, to make a number of ridiculous carelessness. Or, do you notice that the words you say are messy or are you talking chaotic? This is the effect that arises due to brain food shortages.

Because of lack of nutrition, the brain also works more slowly to control emotions. Because the hungry signals sent by the brain also trigger the release of the stress hormone adrenaline cortisol, which makes it harder for you to control anger and emotions.

On the other hand, the brain also releases the hormone ghrelin which is produced in the stomach to trigger hunger. However, receptors for ghrelin signals are spread throughout the body, including in the hypothalamus of the brain. Besides stimulating hunger, ghrelin also produces an anxiety response that will disappear once you eat.

Why Are We Easily Angry While Hungry?

How do you handle hangry?

The easiest way to deal with hangry is to eat before you feel too hungry. However, junk food such as candy or french fries that can generally produce large amounts of glucose will actually be processed very quickly. In the end, this food will only make you hangry more. So, choose foods rich in nutrients to satisfy your hunger and fill you longer, without accumulating calories.

Eating right away may not be the ideal solution at all times, because some things might prevent you from eating right when you are hungry, such as office hours, or because you are fasting (both religious reasons and how to manage your diet to lose weight). In this case, just remember that your glucose response will react to restore your blood sugar levels.

Also, when you last long without food, your body will break down body fat reserves to become energy, some of which will be processed into ketones, a by-product of fat metabolism. Ketones are thought to help keep your hunger under control, because your brain can use ketones instead of glucose as energy.

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