Why Are Some People Who Have a Face? This is the Scientific Explanation!

Why Are Some People Who Have a Face? This is the Scientific Explanation!

Why Are Some People Who Have a Face? This is the Scientific Explanation!


Why Are Some People Who Have a Face? This is the Scientific Explanation!

Resting a bitch face or a jutek face is a stamp that many people around the world might carry, especially women. People who have jutek faces are indeed relatively flat or seem very bored or upset. This makes them often considered unfriendly, angry, fierce, cynical, and indifferent. So, why can someone have a smart face? Find out the answers in this article.

Experts find the scientific fact why someone can have a smart face

Recent research says that the phenomenon of a face wrinkle or resting bitch face is a real thing. This is based on the results of a study entitled Throwing Shade: The Science of Resting Bitch Face. The research was conducted by Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers of Noldus Information Technology, a company that developed software to analyze the faces of Hollywood celebrities, United States.

This research was conducted using high-tech software that can read human expressions, FaceReader. The tool works by mapping and analyzing more than 500 points on the face as a reference for eight basic human emotions, namely sadness, happiness, anger, fear, shock, disgust, neutral, and insulting.

The result, experts found that the average human facial expression consisted of 97 percent neutral (natural) facial expressions and the remaining 3 percent showed small emotions such as sadness, happiness, and anger.

However, people who have good looks turn out to double their emotions to 6 percent. From the results of scanning photos, most of the emotions expressed by people who have jutek faces are derogatory or disparaging expressions. This can be seen from small cues such as squinting or pulling one corner of a seed that is considered a form of derogatory expression. Insulting expressions themselves are interpreted as feeling that something is mocked.

So it is the physiology or form of the face that ultimately plays a big role in shaping the impression of jutek. So do not be surprised if many people who are labeled jutek have the characteristic slanted or glazed eyes, the corners of the lips curved downward, or eyebrows whose position drops slightly inward (nose).

Why Are Some People Who Have a Face? This is the Scientific Explanation!

So why are there people who have jutek faces and those with friendly faces?

Until now experts did not know the exact answer why someone could have a jutek face. However, experts suspect that genetic factors and the surrounding environment also influence the formation of facial expressions.

During this time, Jutek's face was always identified with women because many believed that there were more women with jutek faces than men. In addition, most anecdotal articles and scientific journals also often indicate that only women have a smart face. In fact, the fact is not always so.

From the results of this study, the researchers believe that the assumption that jutek faces are only owned by women is basically built from social norms that require women to always smile, be happy, and be friendly to others, not to the physiology or shape of a person's face .

So when women don't smile or don't show pleasant facial expressions, women will be labeled jutek or bitchy faster. Whereas men are not too much required to spread smiles, so that when a man shows a flat or rather insulting facial expression, no one has a problem.

Therefore, the conclusion of this study is that someone is not "got" the face of a jutek, but rather society that gives him the stamp due to certain characteristics of the physiology of his face. So actually people who are labeled with jutek faces are not necessarily frowning or surly. He may not be showing an upset or jutek facial expression, except that other people interpret the shape of his face as if he is showing negative emotions.

What you can do so that you don't always label it

There are two important things you can do so that you are not always labeled the angry, fierce, and bitchy person. Among them are:

  • Smile. People who have jutek faces are often reprimanded because they rarely smile. Even though people who have jutek faces don't easily smile from there, that doesn't mean you can't practice it. You can start with a lot of positive thinking. The more positive your mind is, the easier it is to smile. As a result, your smile will look more natural, not forced.
  • Facial gymnastics. Tending to have facial expressions that just makes a jutek-faced person more susceptible to facial muscle stiffness because blood circulation on his face does not go well. To work around this, you can do facial exercises regularly before and after waking up. Facial exercises not only facilitate your blood circulation, but also help maintain skin elasticity and prevent sagging skin.

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