Why am I so easy to thrush when fasting?

Why am I so easy to thrush when fasting?

Why am I so easy to thrush when fasting?


Why am I so easy to thrush when fasting?

Do you often experience canker sores while fasting? Relax, you are not alone. Sprue certainly makes you feel uncomfortable eating and drinking during dawn or breaking the fast. In fact, to just gargle it feels painful, unbearable. Have you ever wondered why someone can easily get canker sores while fasting? How to handle it? You can find all the answers in the following review.

Why is it easy for me to get canker sores when fasting?

Sprue is a mouth problem that is characterized by the appearance of sores on the walls of the mouth. People who experience canker sores usually experience pain that makes it difficult to eat, drink, or even just talk. Sprue can appear only one or several fruits at once, both in the mouth or cheeks, gums, under the tongue, or the palate.

Not only when fasting, canker sores can occur at any time for certain reasons. Usually, canker sores are caused due to poor oral health, sensitivity to acidic or spicy foods, hormonal factors due to menstruation or pregnancy, stress, lack of sleep, and so on.

However, canker sores occur most often due to lack of vitamins B or C, iron, and other nutrients. Especially when fasting, the body lacks nutrient intake which is not as free as usual days. Yes, you can only eat healthy and nutritious food balanced only at dawn and breaking the fast.

When fasting, the stomach will be empty for approximately 13 hours. This condition then makes stomach acid tends to rise. The acidic effects of the stomach will be carried to the mouth and make bacteria in the mouth develop faster and inflamed.

An empty mouth without food during fasting will make it easier for bacteria to grow and multiply to cause inflammation. This certainly will be compounded by the increase in stomach acid and lack of intake of vitamin C which serves to fight inflammation. That is why someone becomes more susceptible to canker sores while fasting.

Why am I so easy to thrush when fasting?

Tips for fasting without disturbing canker sores

Having canker sores doesn't mean you can't fast, you know! The main key is that you can still be able to fast fast even though you have canker sores is to pay attention to the type of food that is good and should be avoided at dawn and breaking the fast. Well, here is a guide that you can follow to overcome canker sores while fasting.

Foods that are good for consumption

You who are affected by canker sores are encouraged to eat foods that contain low acid levels. For example oatmeal, bread, cereals, and nuts such as kidney beans and peas.

Fruit and vegetables are good for consumption during fasting. However, some fruits contain acids that can aggravate canker sores. Choose fruits such as melons, bananas and coconuts that are good and safe for canker sores.

White water is certainly the best drink to relieve canker sores. However, if you are a fan of milk, coffee, or tea, you can still take it even if you have canker sores.

Foods that must be avoided

The type of food that must be avoided by canker sores is of course acidic and spicy foods. Canned foods and processed foods are types of food that are intentionally acidified to inhibit bacterial growth. Therefore, these two types of food must be avoided by you.

Also avoid fruits that are high in acid, such as lime, lemon, cherry, pomegranate, and pineapple. Energy and carbonated drinks also include acidic drinks that are not good for your canker sores.

Aside from food, the healing process of thrush can be accelerated by improving your daily lifestyle. Come on, follow the following healthy lifestyle.

  • Try to always brush your teeth at least three times a day that is when after sahur, after breaking the fast, and before going to bed. This is useful for reducing plaque buildup in the teeth during fasting.
  • Drink plenty of water . This is useful for rinsing bacteria that cause canker sores that are lodged in the mouth.
  • Expand eating foods containing fiber and vitamin C , such as oranges, guava, tomatoes, and so on. Vitamin C serves to help maintain endurance so you avoid the risk of canker sores while fasting.
  • Avoid foods that are too spicy, hot, or cold . Spicy, hot and cold foods can cause heartburn and canker sores while fasting.
  • Get enough rest . Reporting from Healthline, lack of sleep can lead to canker sores. Make sure you get enough rest during fasting.

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