Who really needs a diet, and when is the best time to start?

Who really needs a diet, and when is the best time to start?

Who really needs a diet, and when is the best time to start?


Who really needs a diet, and when is the best time to start?

Diet is closely related to efforts to cut the portion of food to lose weight. The diet stamp is also more attached to people who are obese or even obese. That's why many people who think the diet only needs to be done by people who want to be thin. Is it true that the diet is only intended for people who have problems with weight alone? Actually, what is a healthy diet like? Here's the explanation.

A healthy diet is not just a matter of losing weight

The diet is an English word absorption which literally means "food that is commonly eaten". Examined further, in fact the word "diet" has its roots in Ancient Greek which means "way of life".

Therefore, the meaning of a true diet is a eating habit that becomes your lifestyle . So, if your eating habits are full of fatty foods, you could say you are on a fatty diet. If you are used to eating sweet foods, you are on a high-sugar diet. So on.

It was only in recent decades that the term "diet" was more popularly interpreted as a method or method of limiting food portions and choosing food sources to achieve certain goals - generally for weight loss.

The term diet today can also be interpreted as a plan to adjust diet, including recommendations and dietary restrictions, to manage certain health conditions. For example, the Mediterranean diet for heart disease and the DASH diet to control cholesterol and hypertension.

Simply put, a diet isn't just just being lived to lose weight. Setting a diet has many different goals, depending on each individual. One thing is certain: a healthy diet is a habit of eating balanced nutritious foods .

After we straighten out what the diet really means, it can be concluded that everyone from all walks of life and ages can go on a diet - men, women, babies, children, teenagers, adults, to the elderly.

When does a person have to take a healthy diet?

Actually there are no specific rules that determine the best time for you to start a diet. Why? Because the diet is basically a eating habit that becomes a lifestyle. So, you can start changing your eating habits for the better, even starting from this moment, by choosing high nutritious foods to meet your body's nutritional needs so on. Therefore, you can decide at any time to go on a diet.

A healthy and balanced diet helps every body organ work more effectively. If the nutrients in the body cannot be fulfilled properly, you will be more susceptible to attacks of diseases, infections, fatigue, even the immune system will also decrease.

Who really needs a diet, and when is the best time to start?

Can healthy people go on a diet?

Again emphasized that diet is a lifestyle to change healthier eating patterns. There are no rules that prohibit healthy people from dieting. People who are healthy, fit, and have ideal body weight are fine for dieting, provided a healthy diet with balanced nutrition to maintain body health.

Not only limited to healthy people. People who are sick, want to lose or gain weight, or with other goals to support health can also go on a diet. Of course with certain rules according to the advice of your nutritionist.

How to do a healthy diet?

For the sake of supporting the success of your healthy diet, some changes are certainly needed. Both on eating patterns, food portions, and types of food. Quoted from Healthline page, types of foods that can support a healthy diet include vegetables, fruit, lean meat, fish, beans, seeds, low-fat milk, plain yogurt, and starch.

While the types of food that are not too recommended and you should limit their consumption, for example sugar-based products, such as foods high in sugar and sweet drinks; sources of trans fat such as fatty meat, full cream milk, fried foods, fast food, margarine; saturated fats such as cheese, ice cream, coconut milk, butter, margarine, and so on.

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