When is the right time for children to start school?

When is the right time for children to start school?

When is the right time for children to start school?


Right now, parents flock their children to school from a very early age, some even starting at the age of 1 year. Whether the underlying reason for parents entering early childhood to school. What is for the ego, pride, or indeed the child's needs.

Basically, schools in Indonesia itself are divided into 4 levels, namely the level of play, compulsory basic, middle and high. However, parents or children can be free to choose whether they want to start from the level of play or directly the basic level that is mandatory. Approximately when, really, is the right age for children to start school?

The age of the child starting school can be determined by the child's readiness and willingness

The time and age to enter a child into school can be based on when your child is aware of his desire to go to school. Children can say and show their own interest when you want to go to school. Usually, children aged 3-4 years will express their own desire to go to school because they see their family or friends going to school.

Now, at this time parents must be sensitive to give support and not forget to apply to children to have responsibility for what will be done at school. But if your child has no desire to go to school, you do not force and immediately put the child in school. By not forcing a child to go to school does not mean you are passive and give up waiting for when the child wants to go to school.

If parents are only passive, this will also cause harm to the child, you know. Children will experience late age at the level of education and can cause certain effects. Here, you as a parent must be active in various ways to create a feeling of wanting to go to school with the child. For example, by taking the child for a walk to the school area near the house or you can invite the child to pick up relatives who go to school. That way, it is expected to cause a sense of desire to attend your child's school.

Then how to find out the child's readiness to start school?

Aside from trying to create a sense of wanting to go to school, you also have to consider the child's readiness factor to determine the exact age of entering school. Consider physical, emotional, independence, and speaking abilities. The more playing and socializing experiences children have before school, the chances are they will handle the school well.

1. Emotional readiness

On this readiness factor, children must also have a level of calm and the ability to overcome certain things, such as being able to speak clearly to adults, can say when they need help, know what needs to be done when they want to poop, and understand the importance of sharing while playing.

You also have to pay attention to whether your child feels anxious when you stay. If so, then you should delay first. If he feels stressed during your stay, the school will only stress your child. You can minimize this anxiety by explaining that your child needs to part with you during school. Also explain that this separation is only temporary. After school time, your child will meet you again.

2. Physical readiness

Considerations not only about children's emotional and attitudes, children's physical and motoric behavior are important reasons for children starting school. Make sure how well the child's motor development develops, can he hold a pencil, draw simple or even just dress himself.

Because the inability to do these things can cause children to lose confidence and may be excluded by other children, which is an unpleasant start and may damage the school's meaning for your child.

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