When is the best time for diaper children?

When is the best time for diaper children?

When is the best time for diaper children?


Certainly not always children will wear diapers to store urine or feces. But helping children to get diapers off and start wearing underwear is also not an easy job.

You must be smart to teach and train children to start using the toilet for their personal needs. But the problem is, when is the right time for the child to come out of the diaper and start using the toilet? Are there other considerations that must be considered? Check out the answer below.

When is the right time for a diaper child and learn to use the toilet?

According to a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents in America believe that children can diaper when they are 18 to 24 months . Meanwhile, the best time to train children to use their own toilets is as quickly as possible. The experts did not find any danger if babies or toddlers began to diaper and use the toilet early.

It's best to teach your child to use the toilet when the child is able to manage the urge to urinate. Children who have been able to manage the urge to urinate will defecate at the same time every day, do not defecate at night, and have dry and clean diapers after 2 hours of diaper use or during naps. Also make sure the child can climb, talk, and take off clothes which are important motor skills to be able to use the toilet.

Children who are ready to use the toilet are also mentally prepared. that is, he obeys when he is taught and is asked to poop in the toilet. One sign is that your child may feel "big" so embarrassed to use diapers.

By not using diapers anymore, it can also help children avoid reddish rashes and infections caused by wearing long diapers. Worse yet, children who tend to wear diapers constantly, tend to be more susceptible to recurrent urinary tract infections. This is because, when using diapers, most children do not learn to complete their urine completely.

Observe also for signs of children wanting to defecate

In addition to guessing at what age the child has to diaper off, it's a good idea to observe the behavior of your child when he is about to urinate. Generally, around the age of 1 year, the child has begun to recognize a rectal or bladder sensation full of semen.

In many cases, your child will show his awareness through his behavior. Examples such as doing a squatting pose and snorting when he wants to defecate or draw his diaper when he needs to urinate.

Even though he still doesn't understand the function and method of urinating in the toilet, it is a good idea for parents to come up with an idea to exercise awareness and a sense of urination that the child feels. For example, you can say a neutral saying "When viewed from his face, it looks like your sister wants to urinate, huh?".

And if your child has soaked his diaper, immediately say and apply if urinating or defecating is something the body must immediately expel. Say it with soft soft meaning and tone, so that the child understands its meaning without having to feel the strangeness of the life lessons he is learning.

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