What You Need To Do To Become A SIAGA Husband Ahead of Birth

What You Need To Do To Become A SIAGA Husband Ahead of Birth

What You Need To Do To Become A SIAGA Husband Ahead of Birth


What You Need To Do To Become A SIAGA Husband Ahead of Birth

Stepping on the third trimester of pregnancy, not only the wife who needs to prepare everything but also the husband. Quite often, husbands are still confused about what they need to do before birth. Though the role of the husband before birth is very important for the smooth delivery of the future. Well, in those days there were many women who wanted their husbands to be alert husbands (ready to take care). Actually, what are the things then, what are the things that need to be done to be a standby husband?

Want to be a husband on standby? Here's how to

Being a husband is ready or ready between watches, making you always have to pay attention and accompany your wife as much as possible. For example, accompanying the wife to check the pregnancy. Not only that, you also need to monitor and maintain the health condition of your wife. Ready to be a standby husband? This is what must be done.

Give full support and attention to the wife

Facing a pregnant wife requires its own readiness and patience. Because the levels of hormones that go up and down in the body will make a woman's mood different from usual.

In early pregnancy, generally pregnant women will feel tired and not feeling well. Then, the sense of smell and taste will usually be more sensitive than usual which makes it easy to feel nauseous and vomiting.

In these weeks you need to be with him and pay more attention because usually the beginning of pregnancy is the hardest times if women experience periods such as nausea and vomiting or morning sickness.

Along with the increase in gestational age, the baby will get heavier and this will make women feel tired easily. Give understanding to him by starting to help with normal homework. Show your partner that he is not alone, there are you who will always help and be with him.

Give more attention by reminding your partner to eat nutritious foods and massage them when having trouble sleeping. In addition, you also need to take the time to accompany him to consult a doctor regularly so that you also know the development of your child in the womb.

You can also provide assistance by joining pregnancy and birth classes together.

What You Need To Do To Become A SIAGA Husband Ahead of Birth

Know what needs to be prepared before birth

Some things your husband needs to prepare before birth in the last weeks of pregnancy, namely:

  • Make sure your mobile is always active and can be contacted, especially if you are outdoors.
  • Discuss with your beloved wife which maternity home you will go to. Try to choose more than one maternity home.
  • Don't forget to prepare the vehicle to be used and make sure it is in good condition and the gasoline is fully charged.
  • Don't forget to pack items that you will bring to the hospital such as wife change clothes, clothes for little ones, identity cards, cash or debit cards, cameras, slippers, extra pillows, and snacks.

Don't forget to help your wife in preparing the things that are needed before birth. Usually, when entering the seconds of labor, the woman will focus on the condition and pain she feels, rather than preparing the things needed.

Sarah Kilpatrick, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Illinois, in Chicago, said that the process of birth from contraction to labor takes a long time.

As a prepared husband you can prepare a number of things to keep him happy and a little distracted from the pain he feels. For example, a list of favorite music or light games that you normally play with your partner.

At these times, you can also pamper your partner by spending a quality night together before members in your family increase.

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