What Will Happen When Using Cosmetics Expires?

What Will Happen When Using Cosmetics Expires?

What Will Happen When Using Cosmetics Expires?


What Will Happen When Using Cosmetics Expires?

Are you a woman who likes shopping for makeup? Do you use everything? Usually women only like to buy cosmetics, but then forget to wear them. As a result, expired cosmetics are stored in the dresser drawer. The good, the expired product is immediately discarded. However, what if the cosmetics expire are accidentally used? What will happen?

What makeup features have expired?

Usually women immediately wear cosmetics, without remembering they must pay attention to their expiration date. This can then cause a woman's skin to become damaged. Instead you want to apply makeup to make it look more beautiful, but it actually damages your face.

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Every cosmetic product must have an expiration date. The ingredients contained in them can change over time. Molecules in cosmetic products can change so that the composition of ingredients can also change if stored too long. Here is the use of the expiration date, to tell you when to use the product. Cosmetic products that have passed the expiration date are not suitable for you to use.

Expired cosmetic products usually become drier, lumpy, and not soft when applied to the skin. The active ingredients contained in these cosmetic products also do not function properly, so they do not provide the same benefits as cosmetic products that have not expired. In fact, the ingredients contained in these products can break down into other forms and are toxic.

What has happened to the skin when exposed to cosmetics has expired?

When you wear stale makeup, your skin reacts to the change. What can happen to your skin when you use cosmetics expires is:

  • Irritation
  • Skin rash
  • Reddish skin
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Contact dermatitis or skin inflammation that can cause skin redness, skin rashes, small bumps on the skin such as pimples, blisters, and swelling of the skin
  • Allergic reactions in some individuals who have sensitive skin
  • Expired lipstick can cause swollen lips, itching, and lip allergy

In addition, the use of mascara and eyeshadow that has expired can also cause eye infections. Red eye can also be caused by the use of cosmetic products that have expired.

The older the cosmetics age, the easier the cosmetics will be entered by germs that can cause infections of the skin and eyes. This happens because the preservatives contained in cosmetics have decreased function. In addition, when you open cosmetic products to use, you are actually exposing your cosmetic products to air containing bacteria. Then you put it on your skin or face, which you are actually spreading bacteria from the skin or face to cosmetic products, and so on.

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What should be done to avoid this?

So, to avoid expiring cosmetics, you should pay attention to the expiration date every time you want to use cosmetic products. Or, if you want to avoid it more easily, you should check the cosmetic product expiration date once a month. If someone has expired, you should immediately dispose of the cosmetic product.

Usually each cosmetic product has a safe limit or a different expiration time. The following is the expiration time of each cosmetic product in general. If you have passed this time, you should immediately discard or replace it.

  • Mascara has an expiration time of only 3 months
  • Eyeliner and eyeshadow can only last for 6-12 months
  • Lipstick can last up to 1.5 years
  • Foundation, powder, and other facial makeup have an expiration time of up to 12 months

Liquid-based cosmetic products generally have a shorter expiration period than those in the form of dry or powder. If there is no expiration date on cosmetic product packaging, you can calculate the expiration date from the production date stated in the product packaging.

If you find no expiration date or production date, try to pay attention to the physical condition of the cosmetic product. Expired cosmetic products usually experience changes, ranging from smell, texture and color. When used on the face or skin also feels there is something different.

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