What types of men's underwear are the most healthy?

What types of men's underwear are the most healthy?

What types of men's underwear are the most healthy?


What types of men's underwear are the most healthy?

Different types of underwear for men are now more easily found. Although it seems trivial, but different types of underwear turned out to be different functions and effects on health, especially male reproductive health. If you haven't paid too much attention to the type and type of underwear you're using, this might be a good time to start finding out what kind of underwear is right for you.

Types of men's underwear

1. Briefs

This is the type of underwear you might know best. Easy to find, has various types of models and colors. These underpants cover up to the hips, but leave the upper thighs to the feet open so that the type of underwear is comfortable to use with any output. This type of men's underwear tends to be used daily and when doing moderate to moderate exercise.

2. Pants in low rise

The shape is not much different from ordinary underwear. The only difference is the location slightly below the hips. Some brands design these types of underwear with the aim to better protect and accentuate the genital organs. The type of low-rise panties is suitable for use with shorts, low-rise pants, or shorts commonly used when you exercise in the gym.

3. Boxer

Unlike normal pants or briefs, boxers usually don't have a special section to support and maintain the position of the penis. The boxer shape also resembles shorts with a length up to the middle of the thigh. As the name implies, boxer is inspired by the pants used by boxers in the era of the 1920s. Its main characteristics are elastic rubber parts at the waist and loose pants. Boxers usually use materials that are more likely to allow air exchange. You can use this type of men's underwear everyday or to do light exercise.

3. Boxer briefs

As the name implies, this type of men's underwear is a mix of boxers and regular underwear or briefs. The boxer briefs offer a type of underwear that is approximately the mid-thigh like a boxer, but also fitting and tight to support the penis. This type is popular because it is considered not too loose like a boxer while being able to support the penis if you do physical activity or exercise with a moderate to severe intensity.

4. Jockstrap

This is the type of underwear that is used when you exercise with heavy intensity such as martial arts or cycling. The main goal is to protect vital organs by supporting and protecting the penis from movement during exercise. Jockstrap can keep the penis area cool and dry when compared to regular underwear or briefs. Jockstrap usually consists of a penis protective cup and three elastic rubber, one is used on the hip and the rest is used in the buttocks.

Relationship between male panties and sexual health

If your goal is to maintain reproductive health, one thing you should pay attention to when choosing underwear is how your panties affect the temperature around the testicles. Why? Because in general, as a producer of sperm, the testis can produce sperm with good quantity and quality if the surrounding temperature is not higher than your body temperature. This is why the testis is located outside the body. One type of underwear that can increase the temperature around the testicles is the type of tight panties or briefs. If the temperature of the testis is too hot, even just a few degrees above it, the testicles will not be able to produce sperm as much as possible.

But if you decide to use boxer today and expect tomorrow your sperm production to be maximal, then you need to think about it again. It takes about 10 to 11 weeks for the testicles to produce sperm. If you use underpants that are too tight today, your sperm production is of poor quality and quantity is the sperm produced 10-11 weeks later.

Tips for choosing healthy men's underwear

  • Make sure what your goals are. If you use a boxer for sports of high intensity, then certainly not a good idea because the penis is not well protected. But if you are just relaxing at home, you can use a boxer whose ingredients absorb sweat and allow air exchange to keep the temperature of the testicles below body temperature.
  • Don't use pants that are too tight. Choose the type of underwear that fits your size. Panties that are too tight will only increase the temperature around the testicles.
  • If you sit more, try choosing the type of underwear that is rather loose and wear clothes that are not too tight. This is because the sitting position alone can increase the temperature around the testicles to increase.
  • Careful in choosing material from underwear. You can choose the type of cotton for daily use. But when exercising choose the type of panties that are designed for exercise, with comfortable ingredients and tend to keep the genital area in the proper humidity level. And don't use special panties to exercise more than once without being washed first.


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