What to do if you fall while pregnant?

What to do if you fall while pregnant?

What to do if you fall while pregnant?


What to do if you fall while pregnant?

Carrying a baby in the stomach is certainly not an easy thing. Mothers gain weight and the mother's balance decreases. This makes the mother's movements limited and the possibility of falls can be experienced at any time by pregnant women. Falling during pregnancy is a small accident that happens quite often to anyone. Can be dangerous indeed, but actually the mother's body is enough to provide protection to the baby in the womb.

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What causes pregnant women to fall vulnerable?

Based on a study in the Maternal and Child Health Journal in 2010, about 27% of pregnant women have fallen at least once and 10% have fallen more than once. Falling during pregnancy is generally more common in pregnant women who have entered the third trimester. The larger the mother's stomach, of course, can make it difficult for pregnant women to move. Many things that cause pregnant women to fall, some of which are:

  • The belly of a pregnant woman that is getting bigger turns to shift the center of gravity in your body forward, making it difficult for you to stay upright when walking.
  • Pregnancy hormones (relaxin hormones) can make your joints and ligaments loose, especially near the time of birth. This has an impact on your movements, making it easier for you to fall.
  • Low blood sugar levels and low blood pressure during pregnancy can make you feel weak and dizzy, so you lose your balance and it's easier to fall.

What should a pregnant woman do when she falls?

Falling during pregnancy is something that can happen for various reasons. However, as long as it falls does not hurt your body maybe your baby in the womb also does not experience problems. Actually, your own body already has a good protection system in keeping the baby in the womb. The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby can function as a cushion for your baby. In addition, the muscles of your strong uterus can also help protect the baby from external collisions.

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However, if you feel uncomfortable and have a long illness after falling, you should immediately see your doctor. What's more, if you realize that fetal movements are decreasing, you experience bleeding, or contractions after falling.

Even though you don't feel pain which means that after falling, it's a good idea to keep checking with your doctor. Tell the doctor that you just fell. Your doctor will probably do an ultrasound examination for you to see the condition of the baby in the womb.

How to prevent falls during pregnancy?

Falling in some pregnant women may not harm the condition of the mother and fetus. However, you still have to avoid this. Some ways you can avoid falling during pregnancy are:

  • Choose shoes that are comfortable and safe for you to use. Do not choose shoes with a slippery base, this can harm you if you are passing through a wet floor or when it is raining. Also, you should choose flat shoes with low heels. High heels can make it easier for you to lose balance when walking so you fall. Also avoid shoes that are very flat because it can put more pressure on your calf muscles and lower back.
  • Don't walk too fast . Walking in a hurry or too fast will only make you tired. In addition, your chances of falling are also greater, especially if you walk on uneven ground.
  • Avoid turning back directly . If you want to take objects that are behind you, you should turn your body slowly. This can help you to maintain balance.
  • Pay attention to your footing when walking , especially in uneven places. With a stomach that continues to grow forward, of course you are more difficult to see the feet or things that are under when walking. If you are unsure of your footing, ask someone else for help to guide you when you walk.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels stable, so you don't get weak and dizzy fast. If you start feeling dizzy, you should sit down and calm yourself.

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