What Is Pansexual and What are the Characteristics?

What Is Pansexual and What are the Characteristics?

What Is Pansexual and What are the Characteristics?


What Is Pansexual and What are the Characteristics?

Maybe you've only heard heterosexuals and homosexuals (gays and lesbians) as sexual orientations. However, it turns out that sexual orientation is a very broad spectrum. Not only heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual people can be classified as sexual orientation. Yes, some time ago famous Hollywood singer Miley Cyrus stated that she was a pansexual. What is pansexual? See the explanation below.

Pansexual is ...

According to the sociologist Emily Lenning, quoted from Psychology Today, depression is an interest in someone, regardless of gender, gender, or sexual orientation.

Before explaining further about the concept of pansexuals, it should be noted that gender has the biological characteristics that a person has when born. Someone with a vagina, for example, has a female sex. Whereas people born with penises have male sex.

Gender is different from gender. Gender is a social role and identity of a person in society, it may be regardless of gender. So, someone who is born with a penis, but feels himself to be a woman, may have transgender-female gender. Or someone who is born with a vagina, but does not feel that he is a woman or a man, may be an agender. Whereas people who are born with the vagina and feel that their identity is as a woman, have a female gender.

The sexual orientation itself is simply to whom someone has sexual attraction. Interest in the opposite sex is called heterosexuality. Interest in same-sex is called homosexuality (gay or lesbian). Interest in both gender and /or gender (male and female) is called bisexuality. Whereas interest in gender, gender, and any sexual orientation is called pansexual.

So if the meaning is extended, pansexual is an attraction to someone, no matter whether the person is gay, lesbian, transgender, male, or female. A pansexual is attracted to other people as individuals, maybe it can be with the personality or character of the person. Pansexual is a kind of unlimited and unique sexual orientation. Usually, pansexual people find attraction to someone through how romantic, emotional, and personal feelings are connected to each other.

What Is Pansexual and What are the Characteristics?

Indeed, not many people claim to be pansexuals

Quoted from Women 's Health, Holly Richmond, Ph.D., a psychologist and sex therapist states that there are still less than one percent of the population who claim to be pansexual. Because pansexuality is a concept that is quite new to many people, it is difficult to determine exactly how many have this sexual orientation.

So, is bisexual and pansexual the same?

Pansexual is a different sexual orientation from bisexuality. A bisexual is only interested in two types of gender, namely men and women. While a pansexual sees that gender is a very broad spectrum, it cannot be limited to being male and female only. Therefore, a pansexual is able to feel sexual and romantic interest in each identity in the gender spectrum. Whether it's transgender, gender gender (not feeling that he is male or female), and others.

However, just because a pansexual can be attracted to anyone, does not mean he must be a hobby. Just like a heterosexual (also known as straight), he can also commit with only one partner at the moment.

Just like other sexual orientations, pansexuality does not show any physical characteristics. The only characteristic that a person is a pansexual is if he is interested (whether sexually, romantically, or both) with anyone, regardless of gender, gender, and sexual orientation.

May I be a pansexual?

It is important for everyone to find and acknowledge their true identity, whether it's about gender or their sexual orientation. By acknowledging it, one can continue to develop themselves and explore their potential. If you suspect you are a pansexual, you don't have to label yourself hastily or even deny this possibility. It takes time for someone to be able to understand and accept his identity.

Because, until now experts have not been able to formulate exactly what can determine a person's sexual orientation. Whether it's genetic factors, environmental factors, a combination of both, or even other things.

However, in the Mental Disorder Classification and Diagnosis Guide (PPDGJ) absorbed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), panseksualitas not included mental disorders. This is because a person's sexual orientation does not cause clinical symptoms such as pain or organ dysfunction. Because it is not a disease or mental disorder, panseksualitas is not a condition that must be repaired or treated in any way.

However, because of the socio-cultural pressures of the community, a pansexual may be more susceptible to excessive stress or depression which certainly interferes with his mental health. If you or the person closest to you begins to show symptoms of depression such as despair, loneliness, or prolonged sadness accompanied by changes in eating or sleeping patterns, immediately see a doctor.

Whereas if you think there is a family member or closest friend who wishes to try suicide, contact the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Directorate of Mental Health Services Directorate at 021-500-454 or emergency number 112. The counselor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is available to anyone. All calls are confidential.

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