What Happens to Babies When Pregnant Women Laugh?

What Happens to Babies When Pregnant Women Laugh?

What Happens to Babies When Pregnant Women Laugh?


Laughter is healthy. Laughter makes you happier, more excited, and releases the burden of thoughts that might be eating away at your mind. Diligently laughing also lowers blood pressure. Have you ever wondered, what happens to the fetus in the womb when pregnant women laugh? Will he also feel happy? Because, negative emotions such as crying and anger can only have an impact on the baby's condition.

Find out the answer below.

What happens to the fetus in the womb when pregnant women laugh out loud

Laughter is a completely normal, pure human emotion. People will laugh when they see or hear something that (according to them) is funny. Well, did you know that womb babies can also feel the same when pregnant women laugh?

Yes. Dr. Miriam Stoppard, writer and pregnancy health expert, believes that the baby's first interaction with the outside world is through his mother. A study from the Association for Psychological Science found that a fetus that is six months old can share the emotions that mothers feel during pregnancy.

Laughter releases endorphins that stimulate a happy mood into the mother's bloodstream. This happy hormone is then channeled through the placenta and received by the baby in just seconds since the mother made a chuckle.

The mood felt by pregnant women can be felt and also influence the condition of the fetus. Anxiety, stress, or depression can affect a baby in the womb. Babies born to depressed mothers have a 1.5 times greater risk of depression when they reach the age of 18 years. Other research in Clinical Obstetrics Gynecology shows that prolonged stress during pregnancy can also increase the risk of autism, depression, and cognitive impairment in children.

Therefore, multiply your smile and be happy during your pregnancy. In addition, laughter can also increase the body's immune system. All of these effects can also be felt by babies from the womb onwards.

Babies can also laugh in the womb

When a pregnant woman laughs, the fetus in the womb will also move up and down, also nodding her head. This can be seen through USG.

Your voice, laughter, singing, and crying can be clearly heard and remembered by potential babies. Just as you know your baby before birth, your baby does too. A prospective baby's personality is also formed from the way he knows you.

But, don't laugh too hard

No studies have been found that say laughter can have a negative impact on pregnancy. However, if a pregnant woman laughs too hard to feel a pain such as stomach cramps, you may experience lower abdominal ligament pain.

The lower abdominal ligament connects the front of the uterus to the groin to support fetal development. This ligament has a thick texture that normally will stiffen and soften slowly. Along with the growth of the fetus, these ligaments will stretch. Because of this, the ligaments will become more easily tense and injured.

Now, sudden movements can make these ligaments tighten suddenly, like rubber stretched and released suddenly. This is what causes pain. So, you should avoid laughing too loudly during pregnancy to avoid ligament injuries in the lower abdomen.

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