Watch out, this is the danger if you frequently pull out your nose hair

Watch out, this is the danger if you frequently pull out your nose hair

Watch out, this is the danger if you frequently pull out your nose hair


Long nose hair or even poking out of the nostrils is sometimes uncomfortable. Especially for women, having long nose hair if left to continue will certainly interfere with appearance. Well, it's not uncommon for many people to deliberately pull out their nose hair so they don't feel disturbed anymore. In fact, do you know if there is a danger that comes when removing the nose hair?

Function of nose hair for the body

Every member of the body always has a function that is very important for human survival, including nose hair. Before knowing the danger of removing nose hair, it's good to first identify what the nose hair functions for the body.

The nose hair or called cilia is part of the body's defense system to provide protection to your lungs. When you breathe, the nose hair has a function as a filter for small particles that enter the nose. These particles can be in the form of bacteria, dust, mold or other things that can be very dangerous for health. In addition, nose hair is also aided by mucus to trap bad particles and germs.

If the evil particles get into the respiratory tract, you will sneeze to get them out. So, you can imagine, if you don't have nose hair? Besides being more susceptible to infections related to the respiratory tract, your immune system will also be disrupted. So that makes you more easily sick.

It is dangerous to pull the nose hair

The fine fur in the nose which consists of vibrissae and microscopic cilia has its own function, which is to filter out mucus and harmful impurities so as not to enter the respiratory tract that can infect the lungs. In addition, according to the study, the thickness of nose hair was less associated with an increased incidence of asthma in seasonal rhinitis sufferers.

Please note if the area around the mouth and nose is included in the vulnerable area group or called the "danger triangle". Because the area is directly related to the brain. In this area, the veins or veins will be mixed with blood from the nose and blood from the brain. So that in the end making bacteria originating from the nose can easily enter the brain through these veins.

So, if you often make the habit of pulling out the nose hair, it will increase the risk of bacteria entering the brain which can cause deadly infections such as meningitis and brain abscesses. Although infections that affect the brain are rare, this will be more likely to occur especially for people who already have a low immune system.

Not only causes infection in the brain, pulling out the nose hair will also make you prone to nosebleeds because when you pull out the nose hair forcibly it will trigger bleeding inside the nose.

Tips for removing nose hair safely

If you want to remove long nose hair, there are two ways that are considered the safest, namely:

  • Trimming. Trimming is a technique for shaving nose hair using special tools. This method can remove the nose hair that extends a few inches so that it does not appear outward. Don't forget to make sure if you use a safe and clean shaver before using it. This method is the fastest and most effective way to deal with nose hair problems that are too long.
  • Shaving scissors . The way this one might be familiar. Scissors have long been used to deal with various feathers that grow on the body. Until now scissors have become the most widely used way to remove nose hair. The reason is because the tools are easy, inexpensive, and tend to be practical. To deal with nose hair, it is recommended to use scissors with blunt ends so as not to injure the inside surface of the nose.

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