Watch out, this is the danger if we breathe mosquito fogging gas

Watch out, this is the danger if we breathe mosquito fogging gas

Watch out, this is the danger if we breathe mosquito fogging gas


If there are some of your neighbors who have dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), your area of ​​residence may be sprayed with gas fogging. Gas fogging serves to kill adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that can transmit dengue disease to humans. When spraying, gas from mosquito fogging may be inhaled by humans. What will happen if humans breathe gas fogging dengue mosquitoes? Check out the following review to find out the answer.

Is gas fogging a danger to humans?

Gas for mosquito fogging is an insecticide made from synthetic pyrethroid substances. This chemical is a material commonly found in mosquito and insect killers spray sold in stores.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), gas for mosquito fogging has been formulated in such a way that it does not endanger humans or pets. Insecticides in these gases are so minimal that they can only kill insects as small as mosquitoes. However, if inhaled in excessive amounts, this gas can cause some side effects for humans.

Side effects of breathing mosquito fogging

Because the substance content in gas is basically fogging poison, most of this gas inhalation can cause side effects namely poisoning. The symptoms of fogging gas poisoning include coughing, nausea, vomiting, increased saliva production, sweating, red eyes, itchy skin, gasping breath, abdominal pain, and loss of consciousness.

If pregnant women breathe gas for fogging mosquitoes

As long as pregnant women don't show signs of poisoning, you don't need to worry. Inhaled toxins will be filtered by the liver. After that the poison will be released through urine or feces. So, the fetus will not be affected by toxins from gas fogging for mosquitoes inhaled by pregnant women.

First aid for mosquito fogging poisoning

Keep away from the location of fogging and immediately seek emergency health services if you poison gas for fogging dengue mosquitoes. However, as a first aid, you can drink white cow's milk. Cow's milk can help neutralize poisons that are inhaled during fogging.

If your eyes are irritated by gas fogging, wash your eyes with running water for about 15 minutes. Likewise if your skin reacts to gas fogging. Immediately rinse your skin with running clean water and change your clothes.

What to do before and after spraying fogging gas

To prevent gas poisoning from fogging, make sure you have wrapped furniture and items in your house that might be exposed to gas fogging with plastic or used newspapers. Do not leave items or food open at home, keep everything in the cupboard. Empty the bathtub or water reservoir at home. Open wide all the doors and windows of the house when spraying takes place. You and your family should wear a mask and stay away from the spraying location until the gas in the air has decreased.

After spraying, clean your house completely. Mop the floor, wipe the windows and all your furniture until there is no residual poison left on the surface. Drain your bathtub or your water reservoir until it is clean and close it tightly so that there is no residual substance entering the tub and mixed in the water.

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