Want to Try the First Time Anal Sex? Look First 6 These Tips!

Want to Try the First Time Anal Sex? Look First 6 These Tips!

Want to Try the First Time Anal Sex? Look First 6 These Tips!


Anal sex or anal intercourse is sexual activity that involves the insertion of the penis into the anus. Also, be aware that, during anal intercourse, the anus is full of nerve endings, so this part is very sensitive. For some recipients of anal sex, the anus can be a sensitive zone that responds to sexual stimulation properly.

For couples who give it, anal sex can provide a pleasant sensation around the penis. Although many people think this is fun, this activity has a number of risks and certainly requires special tips for those of you who have just had anal sex for the first time.

Tips for first time anal sex

1. Talk to your partner first

The first anal sex should be done with an agreement between the two partners. Make sure you and your partner both agree to carry out this risky sexual activity. Convince yourself also to have sex through this anal penetration, given the risks that you can get when or after doing it.

2. Clean yourself and genitals

Ava Cadell, a sexologist and author of the book Neuroloveology suggests that if you want to have anal sex for the first time with a good partner it starts with a shower. Bathing with your partner while washing each other, caressing, and rinsing each other's body can arouse a partner's sexuality.

Cadell also recommends that you and your partner clean each other's genitals and anus before starting. This joint bathing process will also help you both feel more clean and comfortable with each other before starting anal sex.

Also make sure your partner and yourself have nails that have been cut clean before starting exploration. This is done to avoid the entry of bacteria. After you have anal sex, avoid inserting the penis into your mouth or vagina before your partner uses a new condom or cleanses himself.

3. Use lubricant

This is important, because the anus does not have natural lubrication like the vagina. Therefore, your partner needs to use lubricants to provide comfort. Keep in mind that oil-based lubricants can damage latex condoms. It would be better if you use special anal lubricants containing benzocaine. This special lubricant can reduce pain and make penetration more enjoyable.

4. Start slowly

This is very important, especially for those of you who want to have anal sex for the first time. Do it step by step when exploring the anal area. You can start using your partner's fingers. By trying to insert one finger slowly into the anus. If your partner feels nothing and can continue, try with two fingers, and so on until you penetrate with the penis.

Stop if you or your partner feels very hurt when doing it. If you experience bleeding after anal sex or find a wound or swelling around the anus, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

5. Anal sex is not always dirty,

According to the sexologist Dr. Kat Van Kirk, anal sex is not dirty as imagined. The reason is that the anus and lower part of the anus actually have dirt which is a little - not as much predicted. So, you could say it's still safe when you do it cleanly and carefully.

6. Communicate whatever happens

Of all things, it's important to communicate whatever happens when you have anal sex for the first time. Sometimes, some people experience a slight discomfort when they start playing with their anal area. Therefore, it is important to always be communicative about which parts are sick, what you like when having anal sex and what you don't like. That way, anal sex will be fun for you and your partner.

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