Want to reduce meat eating? Here are 5 Tricks You Can Do

Want to reduce meat eating? Here are 5 Tricks You Can Do

Want to reduce meat eating? Here are 5 Tricks You Can Do


There are many reasons to reduce meat eating. Whether it's because you are on a diet, want to try a vegetarian diet, or for various personal and religious reasons. But if you are used to eating meat everyday, it is certainly not easy to change your diet. Relax, first consider various strategies to reduce the following meat eating.

Benefits of reducing meat eating for health

Basically, meat is rich in various important nutrients for the body. However, eating meat is a risk for health. This is because meat usually contains saturated fat and high cholesterol.

There is a lot of evidence that shows that people who limit their consumption of meat or don't eat meat are more protected from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Reducing eating meat can also help you lose weight. Also, if you replace meat with vegetables, fruits, and nuts that are high in fiber, your digestive system will become healthier.

How to reduce meat eating

If you want to start limiting daily meat consumption, try applying the following tactics.

1. First fill your plate with vegetables

If you usually take more meat dishes than vegetables, now try the opposite. First fill your dinner plate with vegetables, then just take enough meat to fill the small space on the remaining plate. Try to choose vegetables that are not cooked with meat, for example chicken soup or beef broccoli.

2. Replace meat with other protein sources

As a substitute for meat, you can choose protein sources such as tofu, tempeh, oncom, and nuts. For people who like to eat meat, replacing it with tofu or tempeh may seem tasteless. For that, make sure you process it in a unique way or cooked into your favorite dish. For example replace fried chicken with flour fried tempeh.

3. Eat the vegetables and fruit you like

The right trick to increase vegetable and fruit intake is to start with the types that you really like first. Later, if your tongue has begun to adjust to low-fat or meat-free dishes, you can try various types of vegetables and other fruits that are no less delicious.

4. Wisely choose a menu in the restaurant

If you are eating less meat, be careful when choosing a menu in a restaurant. Even though it's not a vegetarian restaurant, any restaurant actually provides dishes that use only a little meat. So just select the vegetable menu.

You can also ask the cook at the restaurant to replace meat with other choices such as mushrooms. Or ask not to use meat at all.

5. Start slowly

You don't need to change to become a vegetarian in an instant. Changing your diet certainly requires processes and adjustments. So start slowly, for example by determining you have to eat meat every Monday and Thursday. If you have succeeded in not eating meat two days a week, increase it again to three days a week.

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