Vasectomy Does Not Cause Impotence, Even Improves Sex Performance

Vasectomy Does Not Cause Impotence, Even Improves Sex Performance

Vasectomy Does Not Cause Impotence, Even Improves Sex Performance


Vasectomy is a medical procedure to prevent sperm from mixing with semen. This is done to prevent pregnancy that is permanent in nature, so that when sexual intercourse does not need to be bothered again with contraception. In addition to preventing pregnancy it turns out the vasectomy can increase male virility, according to a study. Is that right? Find out about the vasectomy effect on male sexual performance below.

Vasectomy effect on sex life

Normally, during ejaculation, the muscles that contract and push the sperm out of the penis. However, in men undergoing vastectomy, only fluid from the prostate gland and semen is produced by the gland of the semen bag (seminal vesicles).

During this time, the vasectomy effect that is often feared is causing men to experience impotence, namely the inability to achieve an erection during sex. However, reported from Healthline, vasectomy will not affect male sexual ability. Because the doctor will only dissect the area under the scrotum (testicle bag), known as the vas deferens and prevent sperm from passing through the testicles and urethra so that it is not mixed with semen.

This procedure does not change the appearance of the penis, taste, and the amount of semen released after surgery. Then, the surgical process does not approach the nerve responsible for erection, climax, or orgasm. Libido is also safe because the hormone testosterone which functions as a driver for sexual intercourse is not affected by vastectomy.

This is supported by a study reported by Men’s Health. Four out of ten men in the survey said that their sex lives increased after a vasectomy. Then, 12.4 percent of them reported that they actually had sex more often after a vasectomy.

A study at Stanford found that men with a vasectomy were intimate 5.9 times per month compared to men who did not undergo the procedure, which was 4.9 times per month. This is because couples who do not undergo vastectomy tend to think twice about having sex so there is no unplanned pregnancy. However, a vasectomy is no guarantee that you will not be infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, men with a vasectomy should still use condoms as your best protection from the disease.

Vasectomy Does Not Cause Impotence, Even Improves Sex Performance

Vasectomy will not interfere with your sex performance, as long as ...

Although the outpatient procedure can be done quickly, that means the patient does not need to visit the hospital and can go home on the same day, the doctor may advise you to take two or three days off work.

Yes, the vasectomy effect that you may experience after surgery is that you must avoid strenuous activities such as lifting things or moving too much. Sexual activities should also not be done for a week. You should return to the doctor for further examination.

In the examination, you have to undergo a test to check if there is still sperm in your semen. Usually the test will be done after you experience 10 to 20 ejaculations after a vasectomy. If the results show that there is still sperm in your semen, the doctor will recommend you do another test on another day to make sure there is no more sperm in the semen.

Before you undergo a vasectomy, you must be absolutely sure that you don't want to have children in the future. Because a vasectomy is a way to prevent a pregnancy that is permanent or almost irreversible.

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