Various Skin Treatments With Your Own Blood

Various Skin Treatments With Your Own Blood

Various Skin Treatments With Your Own Blood


Various Skin Treatments With Your Own Blood

It turns out that blood itself can be used for skin care right now. Starting from anti-aging treatment to disguise wrinkles, until therapy disappears acne scars. Lay people know it better as "blood facial" or "vampire facial".

Therapy using one's own blood is done through a fairly long process until it can finally be applied to the patient's skin. Before use, the blood taken must go through a centrifugation process to take blood plasma which is rich in platelets. This platelet content is taken advantage of for therapy in the patient's skin. In the world of medicine, this therapy is known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a blood plasma that is enriched with platelets or platelets. Platelets are a part of the blood that plays a role in the mechanism of blood clotting. Apart from being important for blood clotting, platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors. This factor has an important role in the process of wound healing. Initially, PRP was applied in cases of injury, but now PRP has been applied in the world of beauty.

Use of PRP in the world of beauty

Platelet Rich Plasma which is now present in the world of beauty can be a breath of fresh air as a therapeutic choice for various skin problems. Then what problems can be treated using this PRP?

1. Pockmark acne scars

Acne scars are acne scars that damage the skin texture to be uneven. The cause is a large and long inflammation of acne that damages the dermis layer of the skin, resulting in fibrotic tissue and collagen damage.

Using PRP treatment which is injected directly on the scar can stimulate the growth of new skin cell tissue, so that the pockmark can be closed and the appearance of the skin smoother.

2. Fine and wrinkled lines

Smooth skin free of wrinkles is supported by the presence of collagen fibers. As you age, the elasticity of collagen will decrease so that the skin will look loose and wrinkles arise. Therapy that adds growth factors contained in PRP on aging skin can increase skin growth, increase collagen tissue elasticity, and stimulate the regeneration of new collagen cells. All of this will certainly fade the fine lines, aka wrinkles that begin to appear.

3. Photodamage

Photodamage is a change in the skin that occurs after exposure to long-term radiation. Photodamage can eventually cause damage to the skin layer, especially with regard to a decrease in the function of collagen which ends with hyperpigmentation (dark patches).

Platelet Rich Plasma is able to repair collagen damage caused by this photodamage activity.

4. Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is very necessary for our skin, especially for women who live in big cities, because the use of make up, stress, and lifestyle sometimes makes the face more dull and tired. Stimulation in the epidermis and dermis using PRP can make the regeneration of skin cells and collagen better.

Many benefits can be given to our skin by undergoing PRP, aka skin care with blood. Starting from overcoming problems to the skin to only for facial rejuvenation. PRP treatment can provide improvements that last more naturally and last longer, because PRP uses the patient's own blood (autologous donor) so that allergic factors can be suppressed. Although the treatment of PRP is relatively safe, what remains to be considered is that this treatment must be carried out directly by a competent expert doctor.


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