Various Risks As a Result of Having Sex with a CSW

Various Risks As a Result of Having Sex with a CSW

Various Risks As a Result of Having Sex with a CSW


Various Risks As a Result of Having Sex with a CSW

CSWs or commercial sex workers are, in fact, one of the oldest professions that have existed since centuries ago. So, it is undeniable if CSWs have an important portion in the context of seeking genital satisfaction. Men in particular, often enjoy the pleasure service workers, and of course it does not escape the risks and dangers that might come to those who like "snacks." below this.

Risk when someone has sex with a prostitute

Having sex with a prostitute can have the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI), of course you already understand this risk. Sexually transmitted infections can be caused due to contact interactions between sex, skin, and even with a kiss. Why is that?

Basically, when you have sex with a prostitute, you don't know the health conditions of the brothel residents. So, of course you can be at great risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases even though you have used a condom (condoms can tear). Well, consider some of the diseases that you can get as a result of having sex with a commercial sex worker:

1. Affected by HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is one of the viruses that spread through bodily fluids (in this case, sperm meets vaginal fluid). This most deadly virus, often caused by free sex, as well as sex with sex workers. Basically, the virus attacks the immune system, when it has become severe, this virus will turn into AIDS.

The first time you get infected, it may not show symptoms. Especially if you still continue to use sex satisfaction services. Even after years, you may not be aware that you have been affected. Here are some of the conditions of the body affected by HIV symptoms:

  • Prolonged fever
  • Headache and dizziness, susceptible to infulenza virus
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen glands in the lymph
  • A rash appears
  • Weak

2. Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the common viruses transmitted through sexual intercourse. Just like the others, sometimes this virus shows no signs of appearing, but there are still some signs that you can pay attention to, following:

  • There are a number of warts that spread with a distance that resembles flowers
  • Itching or discomfort in your genital area
  • Bleeding during sex

3. Sex addiction

Speaking of addiction, something that is considered "fun" will certainly be done continuously, so the need for this pleasure becomes addictive. When you are addicted to sex, if you do not do it will make it frustrated and various other psychological symptoms. The study found that the continuity of looking for and "using" sex workers, will cause emotional damage to men. At this stage, self-awareness and remorse are not enough, there needs to be special therapy to overcome this sex addiction.

The reason why someone chooses to have sex with a prostitute

Speaking of risks, incomplete without reason and purpose why someone has sex with a prostitute. Some of the explanations below, are generally influenced by stimulation of the brain that is connected with the sex, then affects the thoughts and behaviors that refer to certain desires, sex for example.

The following are the most dominating reasons why someone wants to have sex with a commercial sex worker:

1. Want to get sex from women who are more "good"

CSWs are definitely, indirectly trained and educated to satisfy customers, so their experience in the field of satisfying customers has been tested and widely recognized by men. So, it is not uncommon for men to pay for sex workers, to get maximum sexual satisfaction.

2. An easy way to get sex

Going to the place of sex invaders is indeed the easiest way for people who want to have sex. In addition, some men who have sex with prostitutes state that having sex with prostitutes is not a hassle. Men do not need to attach importance to their feelings or must relate long after having sex, this is known as "love one night".

3. Mysogyny syndrome

This misogyny syndrome is a mental illness that can attack men who have past trauma. This man is basically looking for a prostitute because he hates female figures. So this model man will try to demean the woman he paid. Various violence and humiliation that will embarrass women will be done, because they feel they have paid. This is one of the most dangerous mental illnesses in men.

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