Various Health Risks that Lurk If You Masturbate Use Cucumber

Various Health Risks that Lurk If You Masturbate Use Cucumber

Various Health Risks that Lurk If You Masturbate Use Cucumber


Various Health Risks that Lurk If You Masturbate Use Cucumber

I think almost everyone has masturbated. If done correctly, there are many benefits of masturbation that you can achieve. However, some people masturbate by relying on unusual objects near intimate organs. Cucumber use masturbation, for example. Of course it no longer sounds strange to the ear, right? Watch Out. Creativity when trapped can be miserable.

Masturbating using unusual objects is the wrong way

There is no one sure way to masturbate. Everyone will explore according to their needs to find techniques such as what is the most guaranteed success to bring it to orgasm. Some directly use their own hands to stimulate their intimate organs, but some rely on sex toys.

A few others get around their solo sex sessions by doing penetration-like simulations with the help of objects around them. Some men, for example, will insert a penis into a hole made in beer bottles, rings, cans, or metal /PVC pipes. Others may be even more creative, by punching the contents of fruit or bar soap into the place where the penis comes in and out.

or vice versa. Some women may put certain items into their vagina, to mimic the sensation of penile penetration. Usually, what is used is oval-shaped objects like the penis, such as cucumber, banana, carrot, eggplant; stationery such as pens, pencils, or markers; to household appliances such as hair clamp, electric toothbrush, candle or flashlight.

It is not uncommon for these objects to be inserted into the anus as an alternative to anal sex.

Risk of masturbating using cucumber or other household utensils

The most obvious risk is bacterial infection. Because, these objects have been exposed first by bacteria and germs from the surrounding environment before being played near your vital organs. Moreover, not everyone might think of washing these objects or coating them with condoms before being used for masturbation.

Take the example of masturbation using fruit or vegetables. Vegetables or fruit often contain pesticides or chemicals that are not intended for the vagina and penis at all. Although it has been brushed or cleaned first, microbes can still move from the surface of the fruit skin to the skin of your sex organs. As a result, masturbation in this way will increase the risk of irritation, bacterial infections, and even fungal infections. Not to mention the risk of allergies if you have an allergy to certain fruits.

Aside from increasing the risk of bacterial infection, it is not impossible for certain items to break down into sharp fragments that can tear and injure the skin of an intimate organ, or even remain in the vagina. For example when masturbating using glass bottles, pencils, screwdrivers or broom handles.

Some objects, such as glass bottles or plastic, can expand when heated. If a woman masturbates using a bottle and then expands, the bottle can get stuck in the vagina. The same thing can happen if men carelessly put the penis into an improper hole. The penis can get stuck in artificial holes that are too small in size. Ever heard, right, about the death of the gancet?

In addition, plastic objects tend to contain chemicals such as phthalates which are at risk as carcinogens in humans. Masturbation using candles or soap can also trigger irritation or allergic reactions. Candles can even melt in the vagina because they can't stand the heat in the vagina.

A safe way if you want to masturbate

Masturbating using foreign objects is the wrong way. Unlike sex toys that are intentionally designed to add pleasure and have been proven safe, inserting foreign objects into the vagina, anus, or penis can endanger your health.

If you want to emulate the sensation of penetration when masturbating, it doesn't hurt to invest in buying sex toys. Make sure to use sex toys made from silicon, not plastic ones.

Also remember to make sure your hands and every object you use for penetration have been washed (before and after masturbation). Don't forget to coat your sex toys with latex condoms. You certainly don't want to experience a bacterial infection or blisters after you are satisfied with your solo sex session.

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