Various Benefits of Eating Chocolate for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

Various Benefits of Eating Chocolate for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

Various Benefits of Eating Chocolate for Pregnant Women and Their Babies


Are you a big fan of chocolate and can't stop eating it even though you are pregnant? Don't worry, as long as it's not excessive, eating chocolate during pregnancy has benefits for fetal development and the health of your pregnancy. What are the benefits of eating chocolate for pregnant women? Here's the full review.

Eating chocolate during pregnancy decreases the risk of preeclampsia

Research conducted by the Yale Center for Perinatal, Pediatric and Environmental Epidemiology, Yale University in the United States, found that eating chocolate during pregnancy can reduce the risk of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia itself is a dangerous condition that is characterized by an increase in blood pressure in pregnant women, even though previously they have never had a history of high blood pressure (hypertension).

The research conducted with this survey involved more than 2,000 pregnant women who had just given birth. They get the question how much chocolate is consumed in the first and third trimesters when pregnant. Then, the researchers examined the levels of thebromine, which is one of the chemicals in chocolate, in the placenta of newborns.

What are the results? Mothers who eat chocolate during pregnancy up to five or more times each week have a reduced risk of preeclampsia by 50 percent. The study also found that chocolate consumption in the first trimester and the third trimester could provide the same protection.

Pregnant women who like to eat chocolate during pregnancy have high levels of theobromine

Pregnancy poisoning or preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder that is one of the causes of death for pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnancy poisoning risks inhibiting fetal growth and development. It can even cause a fetus to be born prematurely.

Elizabeth Triche, chairman of the research team concluded that this happened because theobromine chemicals had facilitated blood flow in the placenta by inhibiting stress-related chemicals.

In addition, theobromine can also improve heart function, relax the heart muscles, and enlarge the blood vessels of pregnant women. In conclusion, mothers with high theobromine levels face a lower risk of preeclampsia than pregnant women with low theobromine levels.

Various Benefits of Eating Chocolate for Pregnant Women and Their Babies

The flavonoid content affects placental function

Not only that, a study conducted by Universite Laval Quebec City in Canada, found that eating chocolate while pregnant as much as 30 grams every day is good for fetal development.

The content of flavonoids in chocolate can reduce the risk of blood vessel and heart problems while reducing cholesterol. The darker the chocolate you eat, the more flavonoid content in the chocolate.

According to Dr. Emmanuel Bujold in Medical News Today, chocolate affects the function of the placenta and fetal development because the content of flavonoids is known to be very rich in antioxidants.

How many pregnant women can eat chocolate?

There are no definite nutritional recommendations for this, but you are advised not to overeat chocolate during pregnancy. 2-3 times a week or drink one glass of chocolate milk every day will not be dangerous. Eat chocolate at a reasonable or sufficient dose.

You must remember that chocolate also contains caffeine. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend a daily intake of caffeine for pregnant women to be under 200 milligrams per day. The darker the brown color you eat, the greater the caffeine content.

You are advised to consume one ounce of chocolate per day, with around 150 calories. In addition, combine it with fruits and nuts to get good fat content and antioxidants. However, consult your doctor and nutritionist to design the best diet with chocolate. Especially if you have special cases such as gestational diabetes and high-risk pregnancy.

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